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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Why Didn't Someone Ask A Woman Where He Was?

Today, Governor Mark Sanford joined that other Carolingian politico of the North, John Edwards in confessing to having an extramarital affair. I was not at all surprised.

When I first heard the news that Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina had "disappeared" and left his office over the weekend, I knew that he had not gone camping as reported. I knew that it was another woman. Why? We women just "know". Especially those of us who have been betrayed through infidelity. And that's probably most women unfortunately.

We grow radar antennae on our heads. We have a sixth sense. We learn the "doublespeak". Men think that because we don't say anything after another one of their convuluted stories (i.e. lies) that they fooled us. They don't fool us. A lot of us just stop caring anymore. We go on emotional overload and we turn off the "feeling button". If you ever see a woman who seems to dismiss her husband/boyfriend or appear standoffish at gatherings when he is "so charming", it's probably because he is not what he seems to be. He has probably caused her a lot of pain that no one else ever sees. That's how this sort of man operates. He needs for the world to think he is a great guy. And most women support the lie. They do it because by the time they are caught in the web, it's usually too late to back out.

The mistress doesn't see the bad bits, do they? The way they pick their nose. Or chew their food with their mouth open. Or the way they ball up their underwear and hide them under the bed until they harden into white abstract sculptures Or how the nights of passion become the nights of "The Two Ronnies". That comes after the honeymoon, you see.

Apparently, Sanford's wife has known about this affair for five months and she told him to "take a hike" and so he did. He chose to go AWOL on Father's Day weekend. Left his children to be with his paramour. But he didn't go to the Appalachians, he left for Argentina. Imagine that? Going all the way to Argentina for a weekend. Most women can't get their husbands to take them to Motel 6 for a night. Even if it is just a mile away on the motorway at Exit 7.

Mr Sanford, you just threw your political life and your family life into the disposal for your last tango in Buenos Aires. And if the people of South Carolina paid for your trip, your girlfriend better be Eva Peron...resurrected from the dead. Anything less than a phenomenon like that would not have been worth the price you just paid.