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Saturday, 8 August 2009

"No Means No!" Support Ireland's Vote Against Lisbon Treaty and E.U. Constitution

( Jubilant Irish campaigners celebrate after the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty in 2008.)

Last year, Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty....thereby, sending a clear message to the E.U..."No interference from Brussels in our country's affairs."

They infuriated the Parliament leaders who have imposed a SECOND vote....on October 2nd. Can you imagine having a referendum on an issue and that issue is resoundingly defeated....and then a governing body says, "Oh...no....we need to do it again because we don't like the results"?

Excuse me....Ireland voted....they voted, "NO". That was their decision...no to the Lisbon Treaty and the plus gros chats in Brussels. Why is the Lisbon Treaty frightening? Because it puts the power in the hands of the elite who are totally divorced from what is happening in County Cork or Colchester, or Copenhagen or Chartres or any neighborhood near its constituents. The European Parliament has some of the most corrupt politicians on the planet. Some were leaders under the most oppressive regimes in Europe. They basically just traded their military uniforms for an astronomical (by old Eastern bloc standards--well, come to think of it, Western standards, too) and lots of perks. It is, in essence, the E.U. is hoping to form a "super-state" of centralized power and control.

Even Sarkozy of France said that if the European people were to be given the opportunity to vote for the Lisbon Treaty, it would not pass. It puts the power of a whole group of nations in the hands of the few. It is daunting. A member of the UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) stated that 1,000 or more separate issues come up for vote on a weekly basis, most of which are not even read by the members. Members get paid for daily attendance, but most of them do "S.O.S.O" which means "Sign Off and Sod Off" (sign-in to get paid and then leave for the day.) Being a member of the E.U. Parliament is extremely lucrative. And if you tow the line and vote in the way that benefits "the superstate" you are richly rewarded. Ireland put a spanner in the works last year when it voted "no" and I was thrilled when they did it. I thought it was a done deal.

I suppose, however, that I am thinking like an American...where a "no" vote means "no" and not "let's try it again after we pour a lot of money into a scare campaign, line the pockets of politicians who can deliver votes for us and basically, threaten little Ireland with economic annihilation if they don't get on the train."

Don't get on the train, Ireland. Don't let them railroad you into submission. Vote for your sovereignty. Vote your conscience. Vote for the future of all of the Europeans who have chosen to stay awake and are aware of what is really going on.