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Thursday, 3 September 2009

The First Lady That Went to Venus---I Love Her Already

Miyuki Hatoyama is the new first lady of Japan...and I have not yet met her, but I'm sure she is my kind of gal. The elections were held this past weekend and her husband, Yukio Hatoyama who is called, "The Alien" because of his hair and large eyes was elected handily. Which sounds like a match made in heaven, or perhaps...Andromeda? Hmm.

According to Reuters, the first lady has had a colorful and interesting past. She was an actress,an interior designer and a writer of cookbooks. But the most interesting thing about Ms. Hatoyama is her spiritual life. She says that she was taken on board a triangular-shaped UFO and flown to Venus. This was written in her book (which was published last year) and entitled: Very Strange Things I have Encountered. She also insists that Tom Cruise was Japanese in a past life. (Well, of course, no wonder he played such a great samurai. I thought it was his acting, but it was just his past life. Does that disqualify him from an Emmy?) She says they were together in that life and that when she meets him (she prophesies that she will make a movie with him) he will recognize her and she will say to him, "Long time, no see." I'm more concerned about Katie's reaction. Will they draw swords and fight for Tom? Or will they just march over to the Scientology Center and get audited? Will John Travolta mediate? I can't wait for the "E True Hollywood Story".

Ms Hatoyama says that her ex-husband told her her UFO experience was "just a dream." But her present husband, she says, is much more understanding. He said, "Oh, that's great!" Now, that's a keeper in my book. And frankly, you can't help but love a country that will still vote for a man that is called "The Alien" who has a wife who swears she went to Venus and says she "eats the sun" in the morning for energy. That beats Tang and sausages and it's a lot less calories. It must work for her as she is a young-looking woman in her 60's. Do you think Obama would have been elected if Michelle told the papers that she saw a little green man in a cornfield in Iowa during the caucuses? Hardly. People are still talking about Jimmy Carter's admission that he saw a flying saucer. Oh, but the Japanese...they are absolutely open to just about anything.

What did it look like on Venus? "It was beautiful and very green..." she said.

Apparently, they don't have lightbulbs or cars on Venus...or maybe they were all outlawed by the cronies in the E.U....in their other past lives... as big government Venusians.

A first lady that thinks outside the box...okay, well, perhaps, outside the solar system....now that's a kindred spirit.

I love Miyuki. She's my new BFF*.

(*Best Friend Forever)