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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cameron: Will He Keep His Promise of a Referendum?

One of my acquaintances said that the only reason I liked David Cameron was because I thought he was "cute." Once again, in one fell swoop, I was supposed to be put in my place...the blonde head cheerleader who "voted for the cute guy." The patriarchy is alive and well and just can't stand the girls who grow up to be women who have a thought that might be their own. Didn't the idea of voting for the "cute guy" go out with Kennedy and the last remnant of my mom's era? Not that I would have turned Obama down for the prom. He's a looker and a charmer. But to say I like David Cameron politically, is rather like saying I liked John Kerry. I liked John Kerry simply because he was not GW.  In the last election, I wanted the right woman for the job, but her husband wouldn't keep quiet. And after that, the wind went quite out of my sails for either party candidate. In a way, it is like that here in the UK with the great possibility that Cameron may indeed be elected Prime Minister in the next election. I like Cameron simply because he is not Gordon Brown. Nigel Farage is more my cup of tea, but a third party candidate of any kind has as much chance as the Libertarians do in the United States. Nil to nothing. But I still hope.

So, in that context, I give my report on Cameron. Is he cute? Yes, but I've given my heart away to "cute" only to find that "cute" can be as mean as a bat out of hell. Cute doesn't always convey substance, either. Though I must say that the word is  that Cameron is very devoted to his family and a "nice" guy.  How substantial is Cameron? That's the important point. And more importantly the pressing issue is: Will Cameron step up to the plate to allow England to vote to ratify or oppose the Lisbon Treaty?

David Cameron is  squirming a bit  at the moment because he promised (yes, promised)  that if elected he would call for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty...but only if  it had not been ratified by all the other countries and therefore, not in use at the time of his election. The Irish were knocked down completely by the well-oiled European Union machine. There are only two countries left to vote: Poland and the Czech Republic. The Poles are considered to be already in the "yes" camp so that leaves the Czechs to make the final decision. The word is that the Czech President is not an admirer of  theTreaty. The Czechs have a constitutional court and if the court says that the Treaty is not in keeping with its laws then Cameron will be in the clear.

Why do I keep writing about this subject of the Lisbon Treaty? Because so many people do not understand exactly what the European Union is about nor what it will mean to the governance of the United Kingdom and to the rest of the world.  It is so important for the world, especially Americans to understand.  Did you study about World War II in school? Remember that guy with the little mustache? The one that wanted to unify Europe into one global superstate that would control the rest of the nations?  You do?  Well, this is sort of the resurrection of that idea but it's all being done without any sort of huge conflict or armaments.  It is being done supposedly in the "greatest interest of all of Europe" and it's being done with the greatest weapon of all: money. The European Union will become a  governing body that will determine the future of all its nations and it will do it without full democratic representation. It will be up to the Union to decide which countries to support and which countries to oppose. The autonomy of each European nation to speak for itself will be eradicated.

Cameron made a comment the day before yesterday that was perplexing. He said that even if it was ratified by all other countries, "the Tories would not let it rest there." Uh....Earth to Dave...come in Dave...if the constitution is ratified it's a done deal. Neither the Tories nor the Big Man himself can overturn it or pick and choose which parts of the constitution will be enforced in the UK and which ones won't work in Britain. Dave, sweetheart, we're in and there is no getting out after it is ratified.

To add insult to injury, Tony Blair has been hand-picked to possibly be emperor...oh, excuse me...President of the European Union. That's rather like appointing Benedict Arnold as Speaker of the House. Why? Because if he does take the rein of the E.U., he will then be responsible for enforcing the very law that took away the British people their self-rule. Treason? I think so. It's ironic, too, isn't it? Blair was given the most resounding "Goodbye" and left the front door of Downing Street a few years ago and he will now be camping again in the back garden and peering into the windows as the Camerons sit down to dinner. (Now that's a bit frightening.)  Or maybe he will just build another house behind 10 Downing as he seems to have erected and collected a lot of real estate during and since he left office..

The European Union was founded simply to be a "union for trade". It was founded so that the different countries in Europe could enjoy free trade among themselves. It was never intended for it to morph into a full-blown governing body that would control all the European states. Or was it? Some argue that that was the long-term and clandestine plan

Cameron is side-stepping this Lisbon Treaty  issue. It is a sticky one. He wants to be seen favourably by the E.U. but does not want to appear too moderate from a Conservative standpoint. Sound familiar? He is waffling on issues rather than taking a sure stand. Cameron must be courageous and act in the best interest of the nation. Cameron desperately wants the job of Prime Minister. He used to be ahead in the polls, but his inability to be clear on the Lisbon Treaty issue has not served him well. Constituents don't like "wishy-washy". They want and need strength and conviction and this is who they generally support. Cameron will be speaking tomorrow on the final day of the Conservative Party meeting. It will be the last general meeting until the election. He will probably look "cute" but I'm guessing he will have to employ the "bat out of hell mean" to take a decisive stand against the raging machine that is rolling over all of Europe.

The Tories have historically stood for less bureaucracy,  a strong democracy and the right of a nation to rule itself. The Lisbon Treaty will virtually wipe all that away.

Think the little man with the tiny mustache didn't get his way? Think again.