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Friday, 30 October 2009

The Elves Are Taking Longer Than I Thought

The computer elves are still working on my computer. So, I thought I would just share a picture of my constant companion and very clever dog named Annie. I love this pooch. She, along with her sister (though we are doubting that relationship) Wilma were brought over by some animal rescuers on the ferry from Ireland. The dogs had been badly abused and no one would take both of them. They had been de-barked. Wilma died last year and I thought the bottom had fallen out of my world as Wilma never left me alone. But Annie stepped in like a champion and though she is not as clingy to me as Wilma was, she will do anything for a bit of liver pate. Annie's favorite pastime is looking out the window and barking (silently) at the squirrels. At night, she pretends to chase badgers. Basically, she runs in the direction of the scent and then quickly runs back if she thinks she is near to one. Really brave, huh?

Halloween is coming. We used to have an owl made of thatch on our rooftop. Apparently, it was the trademark of the thatcher who did our roof. What it did was designate our house as the "spooky house" on the lane. The "spooky house with the owl on the roof".  Well, that old owl blew down a few years ago and now we are just the " house with the silent barking dog" on the lane. So, here is a picture of the spooky dog with the luminous eyes who buries her Schmakos in the curtains.

Annie makes me laugh and keeps my feet warm when I write. It's cold in England now. The frost is on the pumpkin. Watch out for the hobgoblins...or the politicos in Washington...both can be quite scary.