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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Humpty Dumpty is Bad...but a Terrifying Ad for Kids is Okay...?

In my previous posting, I talked about how the BBC in another one of its insane ploys of political correctness, changed the traditional Humpty-Dumpty nursery rhyme so that it had a happy ending. That's like changing "Hamlet" so that his father is resurrected, he saves Ophelia from drowning, marries her, and then he gets a real job as an insurance broker. After all, being the Prince of Denmark isn't achievable for most children, right? We can't let them grow up thinking they can become Princes of Denmark...they might be scarred for life.

Well, it is ridiculous how there was such a brou-ha-ha at the BBC over a fictional egg falling off a wall and breaking and yet, this week, a frightening government advertisement touting the dangers of CO2 and geared toward children made its debut. In it, evil people (humans) are destroying the earth because they leave lights on and drive cars. This leads to flooding and drowning puppies and crying bunnies....all of which are illustrated quite graphically.  Kids are now going to now live in the dark and prohibit their parents from driving anywhere to save Rover from drowning in the upcoming superstorms. All of which are going to be caused by humans who are very wasteful. There is no mention of the fact that weather is cyclical, that solar activity has something to do with what is happening and that the earth is cooling not warming.  Before you think I am  saying there are no earth changes happening, yes they are happening. Of that, there is no doubt. But putting the blame solely on CO2 emissions without looking at other causes as well just so Al Gore can keep his ridiculous medal and save face is being extremely irresponsible. There is a solar maximum occurring and no one in the media is talking about this. The weather on the other planets in the solar system are also cooling and changing and no one drives Tahoes on Mars.  We have not treated the earth with respect, of that there is no doubt. But just blaming everything on old Mrs Mitchell driving her coughing and spitting Ford Pinto (because she lost her retirement in the economic meltdown) is not examining all the scientific facts and theories that are out there. It is happening because the magnetic pole is shifting. Even a few degrees will be enough to change the climate. Our true north is no longer in the Arctic. There is also increased underwater volanic activity in the area. If you notice, in the Northern parts of America and Europe, there was almost no summer this year. It is snowing in October this year. That does not look like "warming". Is anyone considering other views/facts/information?

The fact is, we cannot continue to live as we have. We need to adapt to these weather patterns no matter what or whom is responsible. The earth changes are happening and they are happening rapidly. Whatever is causing the changes, they are here. These weather patterns are affecting crops. Food prices have increased dramatically here in the UK. We need to live more simply, grow more of our own food, live in community, and above all, we need to be prepared for emergencies. And while we are busy shopping and gossiping about our neighbor, and making sure that we have each newfangled techno-posh gadget ---the world is literally wobbling on its axis and getting ready to exhale. I see the changes, but they aren't only for the reasons that Al Gore espouses while his mansion has the largest carbon footprint in Virginia. And by the way, calling his minions on Irish journalist Phelim MacAleer who attempted to question him was downright cowardly. He didn't answer the questions McAleer posed. Nine errors have been found in Gore's film, posited McAleer. He wanted Gore to address these errors at a recent press conference. McAleer was not being rude. But a very defensive Gore had McAleer's mike turned off and he was dragged out of the room. Nice move, Mr Gore. If someone asks you some hard questions, just haul them off. I used to like Al Gore until he began to believe his own press. He is the Tony Blair of environmentalists. I'd rather support someone who gets in the dirt and really walks his talk,like Conrad Feather,a friend of my daughter's and a Phd student at St Andrews University. He founded his own NGO while still a student and lives and works in the Amazonias of Peru with the indigeneous tribes, helping to protect their dwindling resources and advocating for sustainability. He has been honored a lot for his work including the St Andrews Award,the Environmental Defense Fund and the Whitley Award (Sting and Trudy's Foundation.)

Back to the UK ad.....

Scaring kids this way about the environment is just propoganda. Wouldn't this money be put to better use to teach kids to garden, to learn to wildcraft, to learn to honor the earth instead of sitting them in front of the TV and computer all day? What if we decided to give our kids handcrafted gifts this Christmas? Or asked them to contribute their Christmas money to help buy a water pump for clean water for a village in Uganda? Or taught them about fair trade? Or how about going on a nature walk or assembling a nature table? Or turning off the TV which sits in our house as the "All-Seeing Eye" and as a babysitter and instead read a book on wildlife together? How about sitting with your child to brainstorm solutions to what is happening on the earth and what you can do together as a family to do your part? How about starting there instead of showing them an ad with a puppy drowning? Action, not fear. Fear paralyzes. (Oh wait, that must be the point! To pass other laws while we aren't looking....)

I remember the only time as a child when my mother decided we were going to say a prayer before bed. "Now I lay me down to sleep...I pray the Lord my soul to keep...If I should DIE before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take." I remember exactly where we knelt. I was terrified. I didn't sleep that night in case I died in my sleep. It was horrible. I prayed the next day, that we never, ever, ever prayed before sleep again and if we did that we wouldn't use the "DIE" prayer. God heard me. My mom was too tired to pray again before sleep. Reading a story like the one in this ad would probably keep a child awake a lot longer.

I'll talk more about earth changes in another posting. Till then, I implore the Labour government to stop brainwashing our kids...and use the money to teach them to live with the changes that are upon us. It doesn't have to be "Hippies Vs. Grey Suits". Lots of moms on the right are going back to traditional crafts (mostly because they never left them) and understand that we are also in for a bumpy ride. I am an advocate of Steiner education which teaches not only academic subjects but handcrafting and wildcrafting. Kids keeps a garden as part of the curriculum...and they have done this as part of their schooling since its founding in the 1920's. It's non-denominational and yeah, there are a lot of Birkenstockians there. I should know, that's where I sent my daughter. I no longer own batiked anything. I promise.

And by the way, I have a dog...I love her. She will be on the Ark even before the food or my non-GMO seeds or even my treasured books. That's for sure.

Here's the clip: