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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Lord Monckton, Expert on Climate Change Decries the Climate Treaty Which He States Will Lead to New World Order

 Lord Monckton, one of the most erudite speakers on global climate change decried the upcoming Cliimate Treaty as an instrument that will cripple wealthy countries by having them pay "climate reparations" to less affected countries while countries like India and China will simply refuse to sign anything. In an impassioned speech in St Paul, Minnesota (see below),  Lord Monckton who has long admired the U.S. Constitution  believes that signing the Treaty will further erode the sovereignty of the United States. He has repeatedly asked Al Gore for a debate on climate change and has not been heeded.

In this heated debate on global warming which has now adroitly been coined as "global climate chnage"  by the powers that be who figured out the globe may not be warming up after all...there is so much information being suppressed. Yes, we are undergoing climate change. But it is not only because of human mass consumption and waste.Lord Monckton has been reviled for his passionate belief that the global agenda is being served up to us on a plate and that we are not being told the whole truth.

We are undergoing climate change,yes, but exactly what is truly happening? A segment of Lord Monckton's speech follows (the rest of the speech can be found on YouTube.)