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Monday, 14 December 2009

The Jedward Factor

I could not post about the "X-Factor 2009" without saying something about the phenomenon that came to be known as "Jedward" by the press and fans alike. John and Edward Grimes of Dublin, Ireland are twins and managed to stay in the X-Factor competition for weeks and weeks, despite the fact that they could not sing and they bopped around on stage as if on sugar highs. Simon Cowell hated them, then warmed to them (when he realized that they were sparking controversy and bringing in big ratings). People tuned in to see if they would make it through yet another show, singing off-key and dancing like mating squirrels. And the hair...the hair...not since the Beatles had so much hair-talk hit the (h)airwaves.

The controversy ensued because these two teenagers stayed in while others that were much more talented were voted off. Mentored by Louis Walsh, who has managed successful boy bands, they kept coming back week after week and the tabloids were filled with stories about them. Young girls went mad for them. They don't smoke, they don't drink and they don't have girlfriends. And alas, they can't sing, or dance either. But they still give a good show. And to be honest, as annoying as they are in public, the word is that they are "really nice" young men. They come from a deeply religious Irish-Catholic family (which translates into...Give them a few years.) The truth is that we kept watching these two, like one would watch a train wreck. It isn't pleasant, but we find it fascinating. They were like two wind-up toys that never stopped talking and talking very fast. They never stop talking. Did I say they never stop talking?

Jedward. John and Edward Grimes. The Ant and Dec for the younger set. We haven't heard the last of them yet as Louis Walsh has big plans for them. Not as singers, but as TV presenters or as children's show hosts. Oh, the five minutes of fame. Jedward might get five minutes more.

And to be fair to the boys and Mother Ireland...here is their best performance (even when a crazed guy from the audience attempts to foil their act they continued..yes, someone jumps on stage mid-performance, watch for it):