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Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas from England to America

I write this from the quiet and dark of my living room in the wee hours of Christmas morning. It still isn't Christmas in America, but it will be soon. Through the panes of glass in the window I can see a light orange haze in the sky from city lights far away and the trees by the river are silhouetted against it. This is my favorite time. It's a time when I think I am the only person still  up so late... on the lane, in the town, in the whole country. Most times, I am.  It's a sacred time, a time to enjoy the quiet  and on Christmas it is even more special. I know there are children tucked in their beds just blocks from me waiting for Christmas morning. It has an anticipatory air, this night. It always has. I love this feeling.

You may have noticed that my blogs have been fewer and that the latest offerings have not been as political in nature. I felt incredibly discouraged with the passage of the Lisbon Treaty which just steamrolled its way through the remaining countries. We have been sold a bill of goods regarding "global warming", with a slick rhetoric that is choking small emerging countries and is lining the pockets of the elitists. We are passing a health care bill that has more holes in it than a rusty sieve. The government (and I do include the Bush administration, too) has invaded every aspect of our private lives and is about to invade even more. No one is watching as our civil liberties are being gradually eliminated. We are slowly being anesthetized to the truth. The people brave enough to say, "Wait a minute....you can't do that....what about....."  are called  crazy or a "conspiracy theorist" just as they were called "unpatriotic" in the Bush administration. The rhetoric changes but nothing else does. Everything has been done so gently, so "in the name of protecting us against the foreign invaders" that we signed over our very lives without questioning anything. In the mundane world, it appears a bleak scene, really. I live in a beautiful contradictory country that has lost most of its civil liberties and is so politically correct it is no longer upholding justice. It is because I this that I see what is coming for America if Americans do not wake up. 

I made the realization long ago that politics is not going to change the world we live in. The only thing that will work is that we go higher. And I mean Source..the All-that-is-All. I have espoused a spirituality that is all my own by studying most major religions and  concluding that one thing is true: God is Love. But I don't believe you need an intermediary to commune with God. God's love is not for sale, not to be bartered or traded. God's love isn't just for one group. God is for the sinner and the saint, the harridan and the heretic, the fundamentalist and yes, even the flaky. God's love is there for everyone. And yet, there are still wars being fought in the name of God all over the world with one group attempting to convince another through force and/or will to accept the omniscience of their God.

Still, I wrote my blog because I was so incensed with what I was seeing and experiencing. But I knew that it was just an exercise in futility and a way to vent frustration. The only way to address change is not through government, not through institutions and not through politics...it is through changing ourselves and our holographic perception of the universe. Small actions lead to big changes.

What do you do in your own life to invade the privacy of others? What do you do in your own life to perpetrate malice? What do you do in your own life to invade the boundaries of another? What do you do in your own life to hurt others? What do you do to spread gossip and hearsay? What do you do to pit one person against another? What we do to each other, we are doing to the country and to the world. We are all interconnected.

My wish this Christmas is for all of us to find peace in our lives. For us to maintain the balance inside of us as the world continues its careening toward its fate. If we change our peception of the world, it begins to change, too. My wish this Christmas is for all of us to find out what really matters. For us to know that who you know isn't as important as the truth of who you are.  That having one loyal friend who stands by you is a lot more important than a stadium filled with those that would turn against you in a pinch. That taking a stand and living by your own code of ethics, no matter how "flaky" someone thinks you are is a lot better than selling your soul for the sake of conformity and a half-life filled with the superficial. Well-behaved women rarely make history, I say. Conformity rarely breeds genius. And if no one understands the road you have chosen to take, your business is to keep walking toward the sun and not let the naysayers and the gossips and the fearmongers interfere with your destiny. If what you have chosen to do is to scale fish for a living, do it with joy and gusto. Every task in the world is needed and in the future, a fishmonger is going to be more needed than another bureaucrat. If what you have chosen to do in this world is simply "be", then do that and do it shamelessly.  No one can never understand the full story of a human being, except for the human that has experienced it. And to attempt to judge anyone is not just wrong, it's often a way to simply address the shadow in ourselves that we have not wanted to see.

And please...never tell anyone malicious gossip about them and most especially a friend....because anything that is worthless is not worth repeating. It only serves to fan the flames of ignorance. And in this world, more ignorance is not needed. What is needed in this world is enlightenment...we've had enough of endarkenment. It's time to stop the madness.

I lost my aunt to cancer last week. She was like a mother to me. She and her sister (still living) helped to raise me, my brothers and my niece and nephew. They never married. They had a very quiet simple life. They were sometimes the brunt of talk simply because they lived a life apart. They lived with their parents. The "spinsters" who never married.  The truth is that they both were stunning looking women (see above)  and my grandfather, in his hardline patriarchal stance, never allowed them to be with the young men they chose. It was very sad.  So, they embarked on a life of caring for others. If they were bitter, they did not show it. They just rolled up their sleeves and got on with life. They took care of my grandparents until they died, each in their 90's.  They were middle-aged by then. They lived in the same house my grandfather built brick-by-brick with  his own hands. My aunts told me that it was "the girls" meaning them and their sister who dug under the house with shovels to build a basement. Why? "Because we wanted a basement. So dad told us if we wanted one, we had to dig it out ourselves. So we did." I picture these girls in the 1940's  in their dungarees with their hair in brightly coloured scarves....armed with pickaxes and shovels taking on my grandfather's challenge. That's the kind of women we have in our family. We may cry our eyes out, but never interpret that as a sign of weakness. 

My two aunts never owned a car. They walked wherever they went or went with family and/or obliging friends who drove. They went to church religiously. They prayed the rosary. But what a lot of people didn't know was that they were also open-minded, witty and they they read constantly. People were always bringing them newspapers, books and magazines.  And if I came home from somewhere with a Hindu tome or a book of Sufi poetry or a Jewish prayer book, they wanted to read it. They were avid listeners of Coast to Coast Radio, a late night talk radio show that discusses paranormal topics from UFO's to free energy. They used to tell me stories of things they had witnessed during their lives. Things that were unexplainable.  They towed  the Roman Catholic line, but in their own small ways,  they were free-thinkers. It was probably because of them, more than anything, that I had the courage to venture out into the world ro see what was out there and why I never did go back there to live. There is a sad irony in that. I love them so. I always will. They walked their own path within the confines of a society that chokes the lives of most women. And in never marrying, like their counterparts, they experienced a much greater freedom. They really did have the last laugh.  I see the same valiant spirit in my daughter.

My wish this Christmas is that there will be a time in the near future when every human on the planet will wake up on Christmas morning (no matter what religion they practice if at all---and even if  they have no concept of Christmas in their culture---so perhaps saying on December 25th would be best) and they are living fearless, joyful, unbounded lives, with bellies full of food and living in a house that radiates love and respect and kindness and filled lots of great books for uncensored learning. I am far from perfect and I have made some huge mistakes in my life (from which I have learned great lessons), I am far from having all the answers and I will be the first to tell you that---but I have enjoyed this journey,  and  I have attempted to be loyal to my friends and to help when I could help and to be quiet when discretion was the better part of valor.

This season and this next year will test our valor. We are moving into one of the hardest years in recent history.  It's time to truly assess our lives and make the changes that need to be made. I say this, most of all, to myself.  It's time to think about how we would sustain our future if it were to be changed radically in the blink of an eye. Because it might well be. 

Wherever you are.....I wish you a very politically incorrect...Merry Christmas.

Let peace reign on earth...but most of all let it start by reigning in our hearts.