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Friday, 8 January 2010

Global Warming? That Quacks Me Up

Sorry...that's a horrible title. Forgive me. The wind chill has apparently affected my sense of humor.

It's bitterly cold. I had to go out to feed the wildlife in the garden today (as I do everyday) and today, in England, I experienced the same sort of winter weather that I used to experience living in New England two decades ago. My fingers were raw and red when I finished. I felt awful for the animals because whatever food they normally are able to take from the ground was covered in five inches of snow. There wasn't anything for them to even peck at. They were all queued up and waiting impatiently for a bite to eat. (See photo.)

This is not normal. In the (almost) decade that I have travelled and/or lived here, we never had snow in winter. I live in the Southwest of England where the weather gets cold in the winter with some sleet, but it never gets to temperatures like this. Last year, I was basking in the sunshine of Texas and yes, it did snow for the first time in years last winter in these parts of England, but it was brief. But this year, it really has come down and the cold is staying....it is not going anytime soon.

There has been up to 16 inches of snow in parts of Great Britain. Massive disruptions have hit the roads stranding motorists everywhere. One thousand schools were shut.  England and Scotland and Wales are not set up to cope with snow. The mountains (or very large hills, really) do get snow, but most of the rest of the country simply got pelleted with sleet and a sprinkle of white dust once in a while. What did Gordon Brown say? In his often erudite verbiage he said, "We can cope."

Well, that's nice.

The Tories have come out and said that Britain has only eight days of gas left in its supplies. (Time to light a gas menorah, Mr Brown.)  With all the hot air in the Labour government, surely it could be bottled and sold? The cold snap has put a big dent into the Big Island's gas supplies. While Germany has about four months supply. Hmm. Maybe we need a female prime minister to make sure we have adequate supplies to last us the winter...women think of things like that.....food, water, shelter, gas. You can't run a country on beer and chips and watching football on TV.

It has become very obvious to me supported by information that was leaked out of East Anglia University, that the stats for global warming were doctored to accommodate the globalist agenda. Even the globalists are now backing off from the term and calling it "climate change." It's all a big farce. What is the truth? Does anyone know?

Does anyone see that we are headed for a mini-Ice Age?  Are we prepared for that?  Are we being prepared for the food shortages, are we prepared for the solar storms that are coming, the water shortage that will ensue from that? Has anyone noticed the lack of sunspot activity? Noted the underground volcanic activity? Wondered if perhaps the heating of the mantle underneath the arctic circle (which has nothing to do with CO2) is melting those ice caps? No, because that might be a natural occurrence, and you cannot take people's rights or strap them into a behemoth of regulation for something that is not their fault. How can the big govs control everyone, then?

The way to deal with the mass population especially when a disaster is coming is to distract them and keep them asleep.

Once again, before I am labeled as a flake---and frankly I don't give a damn anymore,  because at least this flake has the courage to speak up----yes, we have polluted the planet. Yes, we have been amazingly irresponsible. We must, must, must protect the planet. But attempting to control people with a pack of lies and to  take away our basic civil and human rights as individuals is a crime. And why do we have to be subjected to such stringent regulatory laws when China who is one of the greatest abusers of environmental policy is still making plastic Barbies and throwing the dregs into the Yangtze? If we pass laws to help the planet, we must address the major polluters, including the major powers we sleep with.  Why do emerging countries who have no water or food have to be subjected to enormous environmental regulations that don't even allow them to bring in electicity so that they can keep food from spoiling? Where is the humanity in that? There is none. In the end, these little countries, poverty-stricken will remain that way. Giving them what they need would bring more problems. Giving them micro-loans so that they can build businesses might make them...independent.  Oh, and capitalist.  They might become stronger and learn to think for themselves. That doesn't fit into the globalist vision. The globalist vision is not to help the little guys get ahead...it's to make more "little guys"...content to play with their Nintendos, drink their beer and watch All-Star Wrestling. To take away the dreams of the middle-class by eliminating it completely...or dumbing them down enough so that they don't notice when they no longer are allowed to think for themselves.

Tell the truth. Stop the lies.  Let's get real. It was never about CO2 was it? But CO2 emissions was a good way to railroad all sorts of regulations into place and to take away civil liberties. I think there is a better way to deal with the environment and that's through educating people and telling them the truth.

"Mr Gore, where is the global warming?"  It's not in England. We are expecting more snow. We have had the lowest temperatures in 30 years. And it isn't any better in other parts of the world.

And what a disappointment. I was all  ready to dig out my sunglasses and bikini in January to sunbathe and scare the neighbors. Now what am I going to do?

The British Isle as it appeared today...totally covered in snow and ice.
(For those geographically challenged, it's the white ziggy-zaggy thing
in the middle.)