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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Brown and Clegg in Heated Exchange

The word this morning is that Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg spoke to each other last night via phone. Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats (and the one who probably is holding the real power at the moment) apparently asked Brown to simply resign and allow the Conservatives to rule.

Brown apparently began to shout at Clegg and a heated conversation took place. Brown has been known for his tirades and bad temper. Clegg was reported to have said that while he may have more in common with Labour policies, it is clear that working with Brown would not be something he could envision. In a very gracious speech yesterday (which is being praised on all sides) Clegg said that he was going to "stick to his word" (something politicians rarely do) and concede that the party with the most votes is indeed the party that should rule.

All three politicians appeared today at the ceremony marking VE (Victory in Europe) Day to commemorate the official end to World War II.  In a very telling line-up, Cameron was in the center, flanked by Brown and Clegg on either side. I chuckled wondering if it was because Cameron is indeed now, front and center and giving the people a view of who was really in power----or he was put in the center simply to stop the other two from starting to flog each other with their red wreaths.