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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Polls Are Open

I've received a lot of emails from people who wondered why I stopped blogging in January. Actually, I didn't. I am still blogging on another site, but I just stopped the political blogging. I did so because I was so confounded and upset about the way the world was going. I was tired of attempting to show how amazingly asleep people are---as they walk aimlessly and blindly like lemmings to the sea. No one cares as long as they have their Ipods and they can go shopping at the mall. No one understands that this is the exact anesthesia that is being administered so that civil liberties can be compromised as we look the other way. In America, little old ladies worried about their pensions are protesting and being called "seditious". Yet, when the same people were protesting against the Vietnam War it was for "justice".  Uh...hello? How ridiculous the world has become.It all got a little hopeless. What happened to the right of free speech and protest? I didn't agree with a lot of the Bush policies. I don't agree with a lot of Obama's policies, though as a person, I think he is quite an affable, intelligent and thoughtful man. I never thought that the liberal left (of which I was a member for most of my life) would ever deny the rights of protest to anyone. I also never thought I would see the day when church-going ladies with blue hair holding protest signs would be on some enemy list of the Democratic Party. Enemy lists were Richard Nixon's forte, not McGovern's.

Once again, I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I stand for myself. I am a fiscal conservative who believes in programs for helping children and the elderly and in gay rights, and the rights of people to live their lives as they choose as long as it does not harm others. (Oops, where does that put me...oh dear...wheels are turning.). I don't fit into a convenient box.  I am not affiliated with any party. I support the party that supports liberty, individual freedom and the rights of humans to be sovereign over their lives.In the American Revolution, I would have been a revolutionary. I don't believe in big government. I believe in capitalism as a means to help the less fortunate without the government taxing us for free-spending programs that are gouging our economy (like Acorn.) Capitalism that works to generate jobs for everyone and caps on huge, obscene salaries for CEO's and less taxes for the middle class. Britain is disintegrating, I am hoping the US doesn't go the same way. (And from a former McGovern liberal---yes, this is a huge turnaround.) In the UK, if I could vote, I would be voting Conservative and a lot of that reason is that it was Lord Ancram who finally interceded for me with the Home Office to get my resident visa after waiting for over two long years. It was maddening and another point against one of the most self-serving, incompetent and big spending governments in history and that would be the current Labour government.. I am still campaigning for Cameron, despite the fact that I am not an official Brit (yet).

The polls are open and the final votes will be counted in just a few hours. Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem came out of nowhere, wowing the folks with his glib talk and his ability to actually connect with the audience. People in Britain lapped it up. What he didn't say was that he wanted amnesty for all immigrants, many of whom are already living on government support and stretching the system to the limit. He wants to raise taxes to accomodate all the new immigrants he is going to integrate onto this island that is already bulging open with too many people. He neglected to mention that he was an errand boy for the European Union, championing it for yonks before anyone else did. So much for a sovereign Britain. He wants to continue the big spending policies of the Labour Party. A friend asked me, "What exactly is a Lib Dem?"  A Liberal Democrat is someone that is basically Labour with a nicer label and a better speechwriter. That's about it. Nick (Man of the People) Clegg lives as well or better than Etonian Cameron...boasting three superb mansions in less than affordable neighborhoods for the average bloke.

And Gordon? Oh, heavens. Gordon has been tanking for a while now. Had he called the election early on as he was advised, he might have actually pulled this show off. Thankfully, he waited much too long. The last nail in his political coffin was delievered when he left his microphone on after a pensioner (retiree) asked him why there was no cap on immigration. She said that the country was in such a state that she was embarrassed to say she was a member of the Labour party. She asked him very pointed questions.  Brown answered her as best he could and kept his concrete smile on, until he slipped into this limo at which point he remarked, that she was just a "bigot". All of this was caught on a mike. When the lady was told this, she went ballistic which forced Brown to make a special trip back to her house to apologize and attempt to save this horrible gaffe.. It was too late. The woman said she was "not going to vote for him" even though he did come back to talk to her. That pensioner will go down in history as the woman who gave Brown the knockout punch. (See my previous blog for a transcript of what happened.)

 And that leaves Cameron. Fresh-faced Etonian Cameron who is desperately trying to shake his public (private in America) school image  and forge a new road for the Conservative party. After thirteen inglorious years of overregulation and overtaxation and overspending, he says he can do something to change that. "Vote for Change" is the Conservative Party motto. Deservedly, he seems to want to change things, to bring order out of the chaos of the last years. Can he do it? I am not sure.  He stands for less taxation, for supporting businesses (both large and small), for limiting immigration into this country, for accountability and tax breaks for families and couples. .

I support Cameron because he is  least likely (keeping my fingers crossed) to lead this country into perdition. That is not a "hip-hip-hooray" endorsement, but it's a start.

In the end, the big planet is coming to collide with Earth...so who cares who wins the race? We need to think about heading for the hills. Last one there is a.......uh......whatever is not offensive to any group either real or imagined. (I live in Britain, so I have to be careful of what I say.)