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Thursday, 6 May 2010

UKIP's Nigel Farage in Plane Accident

Nigel Farage, once the dynamic leader of  UKIP (UK Independent Party) was involved in a plane crash on Election Day in a field near Banbury, Oxfordshire. He and the pilot were both hospitalized with injuries. The former UKIP leader was on the plane to fly an election banner. The plane was to have come down and attach itself to the banner to pull it aloft and apparently the plane  hit turbulence on one of its attempts and it nosedived into a field. Farage says he was just "glad to be alive". Farage is standing in Buckingham against the controversial and unpopular John Bercow, Conservative, and Speaker of the House. Farage took on a daunting task as Bercow presides over one of the safest Conservative seats in the UK.  Bercow is disliked  by his own party, having had some dodgy expenses and becoming progressively more obnoxious and flagrant in his kowtowing to Labour. Bercow is like a guy you take to the Prom and he then he dumps you and dances with another girl...from a rival school.  Becow isn't someone who is bi-partisan (as we have in America) working cooperatively with the party in power. . Bercow is out for himself and doesn't make apologies for it. Not a popular guy in either major party.

Farage is well-known for standing up to the European Union in a passionate speech (which I reported on this blog earlier) and for campaigning against the UK joining the Union. In my opinion, he is one of the few statesmen left in the UK.

For his stand for UK independence from Europe and his integrity...I hope he can defeat the Conservative (and over-inflated) John Bercow. Get well, Mr Farage, this country needs you.