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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

America: Is This Necessary?

The Brits enjoy talking about how "fat" Americans are. But, honestly, I've seen some fairly hefty Brits. Michelle Obama is attempting to educate the public about childhood obesity and showing how Americans should all grow a garden and eat healthily. I keep thinking that maybe my home country will get a clue about health.

 And then, I hear about the "Friendly's SuperMelt" and I think, "What? Are you kidding?"  A big Angus burger meat patty, between two grilled cheese sandwiches, not two pieces of bread, but two whole greasy grilled cheese sandwiches. This concoction is 1190 heart-stopping, chest-thumping, artery clogging calories. Why would a restaurant make something like this? Why would anyone eat this? Isn't this just a "Friendly" way to send someone to an early grave?

America, is this really necessary?