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Monday, 28 June 2010

The European Union is Regulating My Eggs!

Well, no, not those eggs. But don't underestimate the power of the E.U. to pass some outrageous regulation for those eggs, too. I have great faith in them.  I put nothing past the behemoth of a government in Brussels so I don't doubt they might indeed decide to regulate a woman's eggs, too. And if she is past her prime, well, let's levy a tax on that, too.

Shopkeepers in the UK have been told that they no longer can sell  (hen's) eggs by the dozen or half dozen. Eggs must be weighed and sold by the kilo. This also will apply to items like bread rolls and oranges. European regulations forbid the sale of goods by number. Isn't that clever? Britain had been exempt from this "so practical" law, but last week, the MEP (that's Members of the European Parliament) voted to end the exemption.

What does this mean? I mean, after all, that's not such a  big deal, is it? Wrong. This move which seems so simple will cost millions of pounds to change packaging labels and re-design the packages as well. Each box will have to be weighed separately and then labeled accordingly. This will most certainly be added to the cost of the consumer. My favorite "Happy Eggs" free range eggs laid by (I'm assured) happy chickens will not be as happy anymore.

Now, listen to this...lobbyists who attempted to oppose the regulation found themselves mired in a 174 page amendment to the original 75 page proposal and their efforts were thwarted when time ran out to convince the MEP's in Brussels. That's how big the bureaucracy in Brussels has become. Which came first, the chicken or the bureaucrat?

How silly andrestrictive are the European Union regulations? In 1994 they passed a ruling that the "best bananas"  had to be free from "malformation or abnormal curvature of the fingers."  In 1988, it ruled that the top cucumbers must bend by only 10mm per 10cm in a ruling that was to allow for them to be shipped more effectively. Tell me, how much were the cucumber measurers paid?  What a job!  What about a law that the "best" MEP's should not have wallet-busting expense accounts, get paid a normal salary that reflects the state of the economy of the countries they regulate and that they show up and stay the whole day when the Parliament is in session?

What is amazing to me, is that the E.U. regulates nutritious things like eggs, and yet allows aspartame (an artificial sweetener that becomes a toxin in your body) to still be sold openly in the UK. Also, it is attempting to take away vitamins and other supplements as well as ancient herbal remedies. Why? So that we are all forced to rely on Big Pharma for our supplements or better yet that so that we can drug ourselves into oblivion and we can be steamrollered into even more submission..

Why doesn't someone regulate the number of MEP's it takes to enact another regulation? Can't someone regulate the regulators with some other regulations?  I have great faith in the E.U. to come up with something equally as efficient.

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