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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Is Al hoping for an Emmy?

After Al and Tipper Gore announced their divorce after forty years of marriage. (Hey, let's be real, we all knew it wouldn't last), rumours were flying that the former Vice-President had apparently been having an affair with Laurie David, a fellow greenie and producer of his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Apparently it turned out to be a very inconvenient untruth, as Laurie David denied the allegations and said she had been in a relationship for two years with someone else and that she was great friends with both Al and Tipper.

I just cannot think of Mr Gore having an affair with anyone. Not the post-Oscar Al. I can picture him with Andrea Merkel, maybe, but visualizing them snogging like he did with Tipper that fateful night? No, their idea of passion would be to compare statistics and figure out how to levy kissing in the E.U.

My suspicion is that Gore planted the story himself....so that Larry could perhaps use the idea  in his show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm"...ask Gore to star as himself...and then, the former Vice-President could add an Emmy to his mantelpiece in Malibu. And after that?  Watch for Al to release a hit song, "I Thought You Were So Hot, but It Was Just Global Warming."  He wants that Grammy, too. You heard it here first.