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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Annie the Wonder Dog...In Tribute

Annie, my sidekick, my crop circle pal, my writing collaborator (yes, I know) and my constant companion died a few days ago. She had been called "Annie the Wonder Dog" because she had cheated death so many times. She was a regular at the vet's office and well-loved there. In May, we were called to the vet's to say goodbye to her. But she rallied one more time. But in late July, she was again ill.  This time, I told her that if she wanted to leave, it would be okay. She had stayed simply to keep me company. And I knew that. So, she finally decided it was time to go. She died peacefully...she did not have to be put to sleep. Only people who have loved their pets and had them as part of their family can understand the sort of grief that I am experiencing.  She was one loving and quirky dog that made my life so very happy. I know she is up there with my other dog Wilma and with old Gershwin...chasing ducks and eating too many treats.

I love you, Annie. Always will.

Annie the Wonder Dog In May 2010