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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Brits To Fund European Parliament's Viagra Bills and a Few Other Bits, Too

The UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) has found out that the members of the European Parliament will now be able to have their prescriptions of Viagra fully paid. They will also be able to claim for free hydromassages, free mud baths, and free methadone to wean themselves off heroin addiction. Doesn't this make you wonder who or what  the beejeezus is running  the team in Brussels? That they would need to claim for these puerile items?

Is it not enough that European politicians have a penchant for having enough sex to power a small utility company (albeit not necessarily with their spouses)? No, apparently not... because they will also be able to claim for penile implants.

Well, we cannot be surprised can we?  The EU has to maintain a certain performance level after "deflowering" the British taxpayer for so long.  Apparently, one must have the correct equipment to do the best job possible.