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Thursday, 12 August 2010

The EU Will Be Taxing You---Britain Are you Listening?

Lewandowski--The Tax Man
Remember that ragtag group of men way back in 1773? They threw some tea into Boston Harbor to protest being taxed without representation?  What goes around comes around. It took over 230 years, but now Britain is being placed in the same position. While most Britons were out sunning themselves in Florida or Southern France during their August holidays, Janusz Lewandowski, who is in charge of the 116 billion dollar budget of the EU said that he is going to go forward with plans to create a new EU tax. That's the way  upsetting proposals are presented by the EU...slip it in when they constituents are carousing on a beach on vacation...then they won't hear the news. Ssssshhhh...our little secret.

Well, Britain would do well to take notice. This new-fangled tax means that the European Union will be able to tax the Britons as much as they want, when they want without our Parliament's say. Did you hear that? One more time for the Britons who are drinking too much on holiday (again) in Mallorca: The European Union can tax you for anything including your little timeshare in Mallorca, your flight there, and even for the parking at the airport on top of whatever taxes you pay the British government. Did that wake you up? Thank goodness.

How did this happen? First of all you never listened to Nigel Farage. You thought UKIP was just full of "crazy" people. But let's leave that as it is. This is in the Lisbon Treaty. Didn't you read it? Oh, you didn't? That's what the European Union was hoping....that no one would read it. And guess what? No one did. Let me dig it out for you, dear, while you top up your tan, and read it to you:

Article 311 (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union): The Union shall provide itself with the means necessary to attain its objectives and carry through its policies.

And we know how one of  their main objectives is to basically to fleece as many poor sods out of their earnings with more taxes, eliminate the middle class simply  to fund their free-wheeling and free-spending lavish lifestyles by rubber-stamping more bogus programs, hand-outs and other spending schemes that don't even need to provide accountability of any kind.

They will now be able to levy taxes on Great Britain without the British people being able to do one damned thing about it. You have no control over what the tax commission does, what it decides, who is on the commission...nothing. And yet, they may decide to tax your earnings, your acquisitions, your car, your child's education funds, anything in Great Britain that they choose. They can decide to tax your granny's zimmer frame if they want. "Tax on assistant vehicular transport.1. No wheels taxed at base rate.  2. Two wheels at 20 percent above base rate." Can't you hear it already? I sure can.

What? What did you say? Outrageous? Yes, it is. And while you were tanning under the sun in Mallorca, the EU was busy ransacking your condominium and stealing the silverware, too. (Well, metaphorically that is....as a condo in Mallorca is much too pedestrian for most of them, I'm afraid.)

It's time for the British to take back their sovereignty. If the Americans could do it with just a tiny band of ill-equipped men and a dream.....why can't the Brits? Stand up and say something! You won't need muskets...you just need moxie.  The Brits have always been gentlemen with gentlemen's agreements. Unfortunately, GB, you are not dealing with gentlemen anymore. It's time to take off the gloves.

Where is that referendum that Cameron promised? Why is Clegg running the government? Just say:  "No...we are holding a referendum, we are appealing this decision. We did not have our fathers and forefathers fight and die in the Great Wars to keep us free so that the EU could  enslave us all over again."  Too tough? Too direct? That's all that will work at this point.

You may not care now, but you will when you won't be able to afford your tanning oil, much less your annual holiday. You will have to content yourself with waving onshore at the million dollar yachts owned by the members of the European Union that you funded. Because guess what? While you are busy watching "Big Brother" on television.. the real "Big Brother" is busy throwing lavish parties with your hard-earned money.