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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Iceland Has a Comedian Running Its Capital....No, Really!

Iceland has a comedian running its capital city of Reykjavik. No, that's not sarcastic. Jon Gnarr, a popular comedian in Finland ran on the "Best Party" ticket. It was a party that was comprised of artists, actors, and comedians who were fed up with how things were going in Iceland after it's almost total economic collapse. Using Tina Turner's song, "Simply the Best" as their theme, they campaigned to get rid of politics done  the old way and were successful in pulling a majority of votes.

Running on a ticket that promised a new polar bear for the local zoo, free towels at all the city swimming pools and a Disney-theme park near the airport, the grassroots party became the largest party in the municipal elections by winning 6 out of the 15 seats available on the city council. Gnarr's party won the majority of the vote, but failed to win the majority and so entered into a coalition government with the Social Democrats.

Jon Gnarr (left) Mayor of Reykjavik Leads Gay Pride Parade
And in true and fitting form, the newly elected mayor of Reykjavik opened the Gay Pride Parade....dressed in drag.(He is straight and the father of  five by the way.) The jury is out as to what the city council will do to make things better for its citizens, but I'll tell you what...everyone may be having too much fun to give a whit.

Most politicians act like comedians...it's nice to have a comedian acting like a poliltician for once. At least, one knows what one is getting. Now, that's the kind of transparency I like.

(Smashing! Move over Dame Edna!)