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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nigel Farage Goes Viral

I have blogged about him before. I have felt he was one of the few politicians that told the truth. Fearless? Yes. Reckless? Maybe. Nutters? Well, that's what a lot of people think. I don't.  But then, I'm not a lemming and I have never been. When I tell people here that I think he is "cutting edge", they look at me like I've lost a bolt.  It's amazing how people are so conditioned to simply follow whatever one is told and when a person steps out of line and questions authority....he is immediately ridiculed. I find this to be even more so in Great Britain. If anyone even begins to ruminate on things that are contrary to the mainline view, he/she is hammered by critics and labeled "crazy."  So it has been for Farage. This man has heard it all and is still standing. Even when his airplane mysteriously crashed one day before his run against the polyethylene John Bercow. He managed to walk away from that crash, bruised and gashed and hospitalized for a bit...but intact. This little story sums up the man's fortitude. Rumors are flying that he may be elected the head of UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) next week at the party conference in Torquay. You can't keep a good man down. UKIP has been notoriously hounded because it wants to limit immigration...prompting critics to call it "racist". That's ridiculous. Americans have always had limits on immigration and it is not a xenophobic country---it all comes down to resources, folks. Can a country economically support every person that comes through its gates, especially during a worldwide recession? Why is it wrong to ask this question, answer it truthfully and implement restrictions accordingly? So, after all the back-biting, name-calling and trashing of this man...I was very happy to hear the latest development...

Nigel Farage, my hero, and one of the most ferocious opponents of the European Union's encroachment on British sovereignty has finally hit the big-time. He has been featured on a YouTube video. Long the brunt of  derision by the other more powerful parties, he has continued to hammer away at the European Union's arrogance with great bravery and courage. He and Daniel Hannan (another hero) have been the only politicians who have been vocal enough to stand up to the bullies in Brussels. 

Farage has now "gone viral" in a YouTube video that has garnered 1.5 million hits. Farage can be viewed in an opening scene of Joel Madden's rap video that  auto-tuned his memorable speech to the head of the EU, Herman Von Rompuy.  This certainly says something about the distaste for what is happening with the Eurocrats . As a matter of fact, Farage has five videos on YouTube that have accumulated 2.5 million views. Most videos of other EU politicians get a few hundred thousand (at most). While this music video is a bit explicit (not close to some mainstream videos that are in circulation), it posits the idea of who in the media is telling the truth. The major news sources tell us that the internet and bloggers "don't know reality from fiction" and bloggers insist that the mainstream is not covering the real news.

What does all this signify? That people are waking up...young people especially are questioning...what is real? What is not real? Who is manipulating us? Why are we not being told the truth?

Farage has been warning us for years....and he was disparaged and denigrated. No one is laughing now. As Great Britain continues to surrender more of her rights to the European Union, it is evident that Farage was right.

Two videos follow:

Here is what he said to Rompuy (rude he was, but truthful...he later apologized for his tone, but not the content of what he said):

Here is the Music Video(Warning: explicit lyrics):