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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hague Says: We Will Have UK Sovereignty Clause

William Hague, Foreign Secretary stated today that there will be a UK sovereignty clause that will be introduced curbing the power of the EU over the UK.  The clause will clarify that only through the will of Parliament can the directives issued by the EU take effect.  The coalition government simply said that it would "look into the issue". This is a much more aggressive stand as he also said that the clause would be introduced this autumn. Since autumn is fast turning into winter, I hope this is not just another way to pacify those of us who think that the EU is not just bleeding us dry financially, but also leaving any sort of republic on this island in the dust.

Hague stated that this clause would serve to put on the statute book that the British Parliament was sovereign for the very first time. This would be clearly included in the European Union Bill. There will also be a "referendum lock" on this clause. Apparently, this will mean that there will have to be a public vote before any treaties/bills/powers can be transferred from the UK to Brussels.

Well, that's nice. Why didn't this happen when we could have just voted to stay completely out in the first place?  We are up to our kisters in the ditch, boys. This sounds like a lot of  foot-stomping Conservative tent-revival annual conference talk. Let's see if  the Cameron Crowd can deliver. I suspect that the Clegger-man will not stand for it. He plays rugby for Brussels...or don't you know that?