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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Tesco Lady from Ireland Brings Down the House ( at 50 )

Is it ever too late to live your dream?  As readers of this blog know, I am a Factor-phile (and Idol-phile).  I've been following Mary Byrne since she was picked out of a crowd for the UK's (and soon to be in America's) "X-Factor".  Mary Byrne was checking groceries at the Tesco ( similar to a Safeway in America) before she decided at the young age of 50, to go for her dream. Last night on X-Factor's first night of official competition, after battling laryngitis for the week, she sang her heart out.  I have been watching this show since its inception, and no one has ever received the ovation that this woman has (it must have lasted a full minute) and she deserved it.  I love the Irish and I love Mary Byrne...she doesn't fit the mold, but she is everything that this show is truly supposed to be about...finding surprise talent in unexpected places.  Mary Byrne stole the first show of the season. Well done!