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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Two Years and Thousands of Empty Seats...The Honeymoon is Over

If there was any indication that the President has lost his lustre it was in Cleveland, Ohio today. Both Obama and Biden appeared at a large arena in what was to be the last big-yelp pep rally on the  "Moving America Forward" agenda before the election. Five thousand seats stayed empty. Obama won Ohio with a landslide in the last election. And while the President was always a "standing room only" speaker during his campaign, thousands of seats were now empty, something that would have been unbelievable only two years ago. The "Cleveland Plain Dealer" which is  a Democratic-leaning newspaper apparently did not make mention of the rally, either. The same half-empty arena had also occurred the week previously in Chicago. Many Democratic candidates chose not to have Obama campaign for them and others just distanced themselves as much as possible.

As the world watches to see what enfolds on Tuesday, I just keep thinking to myself: "Here is a President who was not prepared for what he would be up against. Here is a President who surrounded himself with too many people that were a bit naff...and not necessarily the best people that could help him. Here is a President that has become so familiar with people (Jon Stewart calling him "dude" on national TV was to me, disrespectful, though I am sure Stewart inadvertantly just blurted it out) that he has lost his edge, his sense of strength. Here is a President that has lost his sure step."

A lot of the people I have spoken to regarding this Presidency who are not big supporters of any Party and are alternative-thinking, still hold fast to the belief that he may bounce back and embody more of the old Obama who stirred us with such passion at the 2006 Democratic National Convention. Was he just an excellent orator who could not deliver? Or is he just learning as he goes?  He looks exhausted. I think the honeymoon is definitely over. In the hero's journey, there is the "nadir" the lowest point on the journey and then there is the "Meeting with the Goddess" which begins his ascent back from the dark. Hmm... perhaps Hillary has something of value to contribute.

It is a bit mind-bending to me to see how quickly things have turned in the United States. In some way, I see this large Machiavellian arm stretching over the land. Why? Why is this happening and happening now? Is it simply a way to get the USA ready for the same draconian rule that is gripping Europe now? Is Obama even cognizant of the larger picture?

While I am not a fan of the President's policies, a good citizen will always want the President to truly lead the country in a positive direction. That's my wish. I think the hero will make a stand after Tuesday. Stay tuned.