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Sunday, 14 November 2010

EU Launches New Power Grab--And it's Grabbing Us in a Not So Nice Place

The power-hungry Brussels Bandidos are at it again. This time telling the UK and Prime Minister David Cameron that they will approve his request on only a 2.9 percent tax rise (instead of the original and outrageous 6 point rise they proposed) as long as they retain the right to levy taxes against individuals in the UK. What this means is that while the UK government may be allowed to simply give only 2.9 percent rise to the EU for its superbly mismanaged coffers, the EU can demand to raise the taxes on individuals in the UK at any time it wants without referendum or approval.

So, for the 2.9 percent rise that Cameron considered a hollow victory, they want to be able to tax us into oblivion to continue their free-wheeling spending which has been cited again and again for mismanagement and downright fraud. The EU has gotten to the point where it doesn't even hide what it is doing, it is simply coming out and demanding more and more money without caring who knows about their strong-armed tactics.

It's apparent that they will continue their march for a complete takeover of the British economy one way or another. If the Parliament refuses to accept the 2.9 percent increase, the EU will have to make due with last year's budget.

Most of us are having to make due with our budget from 1952 now!  Let them eat beans on toast washed down with their chilled bottles of Dom Perignon (bought with the money we could have used to shop for that extra bag of groceries at Tesco).  The nerve!

Be a man, Dave, tell them, "No more!"  (If you don't, Nigel  sure will.)