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Friday, 19 November 2010

The EU Brings Ireland to its Knees

I have commented on the shameful way that the EU strong-armed the Irish people into selling its soul to Brussels. After  the Irish voted against joining the EU, the bandidos in Brussels poured millions into yet another campaign to have yet another election. They chose to ignore democracy completely, ignore the will of the Irish people and put the issue to a vote again. Despite the grassroots protests against joining the EU, the Irish decided to join the EU.

And guess what? The Irish economy, once thriving and a testament to free enterprise is now broke. Broke. Broke. Broke. The despairing Irish flooded the streets in protest as the EU prepared to bail them out as they have bailed out Greece. The Irish had pulled themselves up from decades of poverty to be a shining beacon of free enterprise and they join the EU and all their hard work was for naught. Now, they stand poised to accept a bailout from the EU which will seal their shackles and bury their sovereignty forever.

The edges are wearing thin in Brussels. I won't even comment...I'll leave it up to the person who always says it best: