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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

William and Katie to Marry Next Year -- Royal Wedding In the Works

Kate Shows Off Diana's Ring, Now her Engagement Ring
As I predicted and wrote in a blog posting last month, the date will soon be set for a Royal Wedding. William proposed to Kate this past October while they were in Kenya and gave her his mother's wedding ring as he wanted his mother to be "part of the excitement".  The official announcement has been made.  With all my reservations about it and about it coming at this most difficult time when the government has everyone on an austere budget, I wish the couple all best wishes as does everyone. I only hope (as I wrote before) that this is not simply a wedding to "perk up" (ie distract) the British public from looking at all that is going pear-shaped in the economy and with the European Union's continuing encroachment on our lives.  May it be a nice, small wedding without the hoopla,....and let's get on with fixing this country, shall we?  (Ah, but unfortunately, the hoopla has started in full force )  Maybe it could be a potluck buffet for the reception? Camilla can bring the beans on toast, Charles can bring his Duchy of Cornwall cakes and organic salad, the flowers can be from Tesco Express, Harry can spin a few tunes on the old hi-fi that the Queen bought in 1955 (and is still using) and the dress can be from the sale rack at Debenham's. Now, that would be a wedding that everyone would be talking about for a long time. 

(Addendum: The reaction to Diana's ring being used again:  The public has mixed feelings here in the UK. Some called it "tasteless" others just objected to the fact that the ring was a symbol of Diana's pain and it should have been "retired."  From a "Feng Shui" standpoint, I would have to concur with the latter opinion. A ring from a long and happy marriage is fine to use again, but alas, this one comes with a sad past. Then again, it is said that a ring that has been in storage for years loses its connections and is made as new. Let us hope this is so as the ring was given with great love.) 

And as I go to publish this, Emma Bridgewater (the potter of choice to all the trendy and hip country set)  has just sent me an email with her of version of the "Engagement Mug" of William and Kate which is already on sale. We can expect millions of these (and countless other versions) to be churned out in the next few months from all the potteries in Stoke-on-Trent including the more formal Spode and Royal Doulton. Thank goodness Emma didn't put  faces on these. We will be seeing enough of them in the press from now...until eternity.