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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Don't Wear Anything "Jewish" in Germany Warns a Rabbi

Jews in Germany (courtesy of Corbis)
If I were discusssing 1938 in a history class, then this would be well understood. However, this is happening in contemporary Germany today. Sometimes you read a headline and your blood runs cold. This one did it for me. I have been aware that in the last decade or so, anti-Semitism has been on the rise in Europe and more so in Germany and Austria which were the hotbeds of hatred that led to mass genocide in the last century. I did not know that it had escalated to the point where rabbis are asking the Jewish community in Germany not to wear anything that will identify them as Jews or their lives might be in danger.

Rabbis near the capital city of Berlin are warning Jews living in the area not to wear anything religious or anything that might identify them as Jews. This includes yarmulkes (skullcaps), long coats, hats or anything else that might target them as being Jewish. It seems that Brandeburg (for example) is one haven for extreme neo-Nazi activity. So much so that the chief rabbi, Shaul Nekrich said its streets are no longer safe for Jewish people. When a rabbi is asking his congregations to defer from wearing religious identifiers, it is getting serious.

Rabbi Nekrich who is Russian said that he himself had an encounter with three drunks on a train in Brandenburg. He had opened his prayer book to pray and he was confronted by one of the men. He was asked if the book was in Hebrew. When the rabbi replied in the affirmative, the man grabbed the book and threw it on the floor. He got out at the next station and took a taxi the rest of the way home. He said that he had not reported the incident previously because it "made no sense" and would be futile. He wanted to simply "not make trouble".

The rise of neo-Nazism, ironically, coinicided with the reunification of East Germany and West Germany. That is when Brandenburg began to emerge as a neo-Nazi hub. But it wasn't only Jews that were targeted. The neo-Nazis invaded campsites and firebombed blacks in refugee asylums and marched in groups carrying the flags of the Kaiser. One of the most horrific crimes linked to this group occurred in 1999 when a screaming mob chased a young 28 year old Algerian asylum seeker Farid Guendoul down the streets of Guben, pushed him into a plate glass window and then they stood at attentiong giving Nazi salutes as he bled to death.

In 2009, many neo-Nazis were elected to office in both Austria and Germany causing alarm among moderates and those campaigning against hate crimes.

In a compelling book entitled The Rise of the Fourth Reich, author Jim Marrs outlines how the Nazis came to power and how after the war they simply went underground and kept a low profile (and in his opinion) are now re-emerging to implement the plans that were foiled many years ago. Whether you agree with all his views or not, Mr Marrs supports his theories well and as a Texan, is not one to pull punches. It's a very interesting read.

Two years ago, I attended a local lecture (here in England) and a very respected author stood up and gave a lecture in which he began to criticize the Jewish community. I had gone thinking I was going to a lecture on metaphysics and non-duality and in the middle of this, he launched into how the Jews were responsible for all the ills of the world. I was appalled. I thought, "Perhaps this is a joke?" And I waited and waited for him to come to some point of convergence.  He went on and on about how "we are all one" and then he started to point out that the Jews caused all the problems of the world. So it became a lecture on "We are all one...except for the Jews", basically.  He even quoted from that horrible text that is often dragged out by anti-Semites that I won't even bother to mention (I won't give horrid  tripe space on my blog). When the lecture was over, I found a group of people huddled in the local pub next door and one of the young women (from Germany, ironically) was crying. "What's wrong?" I questioned. "She is upset because of what the lecturer said. She is Jewish."  And as it turned out, there were a number of German Jews who were on a spiritual path and had come on holiday...also thinking...like myself...that they were going to an interesting lecture on non-duality. We were all blindsided. I comforted the girl as best I could. To say I was livid is an understatement. This was not happening in Germany, mind you, but in a small village here in the bucolic  English countryside in 2008.

All anger and hatred of any people is borne out of fear. Fear that there isn't enough, fear that things won't get better, fear that the people that have been persecuted will in turn rise up and persecute their oppressors. All fear stems from an inherent belief that we are separate and apart from the God-self that we possess.

As the world teeters on the brink of mass annihilation (or so we are told or frightened into thinking) we need to remember that no one can control our soul. No one can really own us because we are all made of God-stuff. The mainstream media exists is to get us to believe that we have no control over our lives. It's a lie. Don't buy into the lie. Men like this one who appeared in this little village to give a lecture are sent to convince us of our nothingness. It's a lie. Remember that. Remember that we are spun out of the filaments of  God and encoded with the God soul and our job in these times is to remember that and embrace that and become that God-self.

It's important that we keep our eyes on dreaming a new dream. We have had enough of this nightmare. We have the opportunity to choose a different world. And if we accept nothing short of that...it will come. But if we continue to buy into the nightmare that appears before our eyes...then that nightmare will continue to exist without ceasing.