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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Grandma Foils Burglars....With Her Handbag

Do you remember that old gag on "Laugh-In", a show that was popular in America when I was in grade school? An actress named Ruth Buzzi had a continuous "elderly" character named Gladys Ormphby who always thought men were making advances on her and she would assault them with her purse. Well, no one was making an advance on this grandma, but she still used her purse as a weapon to scare off some even scarier-looking burglars.

Ann Timson, 71 years old and a pensioner (retiree) living in Northampton was downtown during midday when six men in helmets and on scooters zipped up to a jewelry shop with a sledgehammer and began to pound at the windows to gain entry into the shop or take whatever was in the shop windows. What is extraordinary is that this burglary was caught on people's mobile phones, but no one came close to stop the men. Well, not until you see Mrs Timson running across the street. She single-handedly pounces on the robbers, starts hitting them with her handbag and they quickly jump on their scooters and drive away, save one. Their getaway wasn't exactly as planned, no doubt. One man stumbled and fell and Mrs Timson was heard to have shouted, "Someone sit on him! Sit on him!" It wasn't till then, that the public came to help. While the others got away, they were later apprehended and have appeared at the Northampton Magistrate's Court on charges of robbery and vehicle theft.

In an interview for the Daily Mail, Mrs Timson was said to have remarked, " A lady came out of the shop and said, 'Are you alright, dear?'  I didn't like that. It was patronising. I know I am a pensioner, but there's no need for a stranger  to call me 'dear'." 

Quite right, Mrs. Timson...Superwoman is much more appropriate!

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