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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Best of the Royal Wedding....Tat-a-licious!

I warned you. I told you that we would soon be barraged with scads of "William and Kate" memorabilia and cited the porcelain houses of Stoke-on-Trent as going into full production. What I didn't realize is that apparently nice plates with pictures of the lovely couple aren't the only ways to commemorate a Royal Wedding anymore. The sky's the limit!  Here are a few of the most er...interesting... ones for your perusal:

Can't come to the Royal Wedding? Then just knit yourself one!  ( I am not sure who the blonde is next to Prince Charles...I think Camilla should be a bit worried.)

Or how about some knitted gloves (top)?  Just perfect for standing outside for hours to glimpse the landau with the newlyweds going by? (I'd carry some Talisker in a flask, too, just in case. That way, if you miss seeing the lovely couple, you'll be so plastered you won't care!)

Speaking of cold....every home should have a William and Kate refrigerator...when your spouse gives you the cold shoulder, Wills and Kate will help you remember that you aren't just a leftover anymore.
Ah, you needed an excuse for a new mobile phone, didn't you?  Show your love of Great Britain with a Union Jack and Jill phone courtesy of Alcatel!
Here is a lovely coin minted for the Royal Wedding....unfortunately, it seems to have pictured Chelsy Davy (Prince Harry's girlfriend) and not Kate. Or it's someone who looks like she stepped out of Boujis at 2 am and is desperate for a ciggie. Apparently, the artist was hired from one of the correspondence schools that advertises: "Can you draw Lucky the Turtle?" in the back of auto magazines.

Paper dolls....remember how sweet they used to be? Now, we can dress up a Prince and Princess! I wonder how many pair of Union Jack skivvies the Prince really owns? Lots, I imagine. Lots. He is a Prince, after all.
Now what's a Royal Wedding without elegant and appropriate footwear? It's a Royal Wedding with tacky sneakers!
I am not sure what the above is, but it was so deliciously off-the-mark that I had to include it.
"Ann Marie" and "Donald"
 Oooo....How about a Royal Wedding cake? That looks just like...well, I actually thought it was Donald Hollinger and Ann Marie from TV's "That Girl" (Ted Bessell and Marlo Thomas). Oh well. I just don't know how I would feel slicing off the groom's ear or the bride's nose and then passing it around on a plate for consumption. (This cake won "Best in Show" at the Ideal Home Show in London...yikes.)

And when the festivities are all over and you want to wash your hands completely of the whole thing... just use your Royal Wedding soap!