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Monday, 21 March 2011

Herbal Medicines Set to Be Banned In One Month! View this video!

For months now, I have been talking on the air and online about supporting the Alliance for Natural Health which has been at the vanguard in the fight against the regulation of traditional, natural herbal medicines in the UK. The ban on herbal medicines goes into effect on May 1st, 2011. This very short film gives you an idea of what the people of the UK are up against in this fight.

If you think that this is only going to affect the UK ... you are wrong. The banning of herbal medicines in the United States will be next. Please inform yourselves by viewing this video and you can go directly to the Alliance for Natural Health UK (and US) by clicking on the link on the box at the right of the blog postings. Get involved! Be informed! Don't snooze while the rights to treat your bodies with natural means are taken away from you! You will be able to get herbal medicines ONLY from a practitioner, but even practitioners may not be able to sell herbs that have not undergone full licensing (which means that most Chinese and ayurvedic herbs will not be available.) It's the EU at its worst and it is coming soon to a health food shop near you...empty shelves and Big Pharma profits.

It's amazing to see how the EU is pushing forward with issues like genetically-modified foods and banning herbs that have been used effectively (as in Chinese herbs) for thousands of years. Or how the FDA can approve drugs that simply have to work on a handful of people for a limited amount of time. (Then, later are simply pulled when inadequate testing reveals toxicity and/or death. Strange how Big Pharma just keeps on churning them out no matter how many people are killed. Only one death was used to ban herbal medicine in the UK and now it is found that it was an erroneous story anyway.)

“It is of great concern to us that so many health claims are being dismissed because of the scientific substantiation”, said Dr Verkerk, who heads the Alliance for Natural Health. “But at the same time, it’s interesting that the very same body that’s doing the evaluations, EFSA, is ‘green-lighting’ or approving so many products that have been genetically modified. We say it’s not a level playing field scientifically.”