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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Magnetic Pole is On the Move

The magnetic North Pole seems to be moving at a faster rate than at any time in recorded history. It has been reportedly moving at 40 miles a year. Experts believe that what might be happening is that we are experiencing a magnetic pole reversal.

Navigation systems (including aviation) and animals that use the earth's magnetic fields for guidance are becoming disoriented. Airports in some areas have had to change the coordinates of their runways to reflect the change in direction.

"True north" is the direction in which the earth axis lies and that is a relative constant. Magnetic north,however, changes with the shifting molten lava core of the earth itself. History has had magnetic north stationed at Canada's Ellesmere Island, but as it continues to move at this rate, it will soon be lodging on Russian shores.

It isn't the direction of the magnetic pole that seems to be causing distress. It is the alarming rate at which it is changing. Wildlife that depend on magnetics for their own guidance systems are most at risk.

Magnetic pole shifts have happened throughout history, though we are due for another one soon. They seem to occur once every 400,000 years and it is now 780,000 years and counting. Better dig out that compass.