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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gunpoint Medicine--Take Our Drugs Or We Will Take Your Children

Maryanne Godboldo
For a long time now, I have been championing the cause of natural remedies here in the UK as the looming strong-armed tactics of the European Union are about to clamp down on health freedom rights. As of May 1st, herbal remedies will be taken out of the hands of the ordinary citizen and will only be allowed to be prescribed by trained practitioners. This means that every time one will need a simple herb for a health issue, one will have to consult with a practitioner which will ratchet up the cost of health visits. What does this do? This discourages those who are on fixed incomes or low budgets from getting natural health remedies and drives them back into the NHS where they can be drugged and clocked much more easily. The government (EU) is forcing its citizens to become drug dependent. It's easier to control you if you are drugged out of your mind, you see. As I watch the rights of health freedom eroding in the UK, I was alarmed to read what happened to one heroic Detroit woman as she fought for the health freedom rights of her daughter.

Maryanne Godboldo is a Detroit (USA) mother who refused to give her thirteen-year-old daughter a psychiatric drug that was prescribed by her doctor. The mother felt that this was too harsh a treatment and wanted to attempt to treat her holistically and with natural means. The problems that her daughter was presenting were because of  side effects from vaccines. It's no wonder that Ms Godboldo no longer wanted to continue giving her daughter more toxic medicines. She wanted to try to give her Omega 3 oils and other natural remedies to see if that might alleviate the symptoms of her daughter's suffering.

Basically, Maryanne Godboldo didn't bend to the will of  "Dr. Big  Pharma" who may well get big payouts (or free holidays and assorted perks) from the pharmaceutical company to prescribe this psychiatric drug to his patients. Dr. Big P did not welcome a mother who questioned his authority and who thought she knew better. (You don't question the authority of Dr Big Pharma.) Of course, Dr. Big P quickly  called in CPS (Child Protective Services) who immediately notified the police of Mrs Godboldo's refusal of the drug for her child. The police went calling on Ms. Godboldo and they were armed. When the police arrived at her house, Ms Godboldo warned them to stay away as she was going to protect her daughter and that they had no rights to be there. They forced their way through her front door (broke the door down) and entered her premises without permission with the intention of kidnapping her daughter as they saw Ms Godboldo as "unfit" to parent. (Refusing to poison your child with relatively untested drugs is considered unfit?!)  At that point, Ms Godboldo fired a warning shot and told them to leave as it was her duty to protect her daughter from any intruders. The police summoned the SWAT team and a 12 hour stand-off between a mother and armed police ensued. The police eventually took her daughter after she was talked into surrendering.

Can you imagine this? A SWAT team called in to kidnap a daughter from a mother because she refused to treat her daughter with Big Pharma drugs? Drugs that have not yet been fully tested or proven to be effective on thirteen-year olds? A SWAT team that would be the sort you would send to round up a nefarious drug cartel was called out to accost a mother who was protecting her own child from an assault on her young body . Not only that, the state later found that the drug was not considered "necessary" in the treatment of her daughter anyway.

Policemen do not have the right to do whatever they want, when they want,  simply because they wear a badge. Citizens have rights to protect their property and family. Maryanne Godboldo is now facing felony charges along with "obstruction of a law enforcement officer." Is this what the world is coming to? That the police force is now being called out to harass and kidnap children from their parents under the instruction of the medical community which is in the pocket of global drug corporations? Meanwhile, burglaries, rapes, thefts and murders are being committed in neighborhoods across the US and there are no police available on the beat to stop the real criminals? The police force is to maintain peace and safety in the community, not to act as a special forces unit for the drug companies. Or did that change?

I am grateful for the police force and there are some sterling men and women in service. But I ask them to reconsider their actions if what they are being called to do is to basically uphold the agenda of the large corporate pharmaceutical companies. It isn't worth it. And more than that, what will they do when the CPS asks your fellow officers to come after the force's children?

The fate of Maryanne Godboldo is in the air. And doctors will continue to prescribe psychotropic drugs to line their pockets and continue the enslavement process of our children all in the name of making them "normal". The police force needs to draw the line and tell Big Pharma that the business of the police is to keep the peace and keep our communities secure...not to force people to take medicine they don't want to take. That's a violation of civil and human rights.

Maryanne Godboldo is a hero. She is standing up to a tyrannical system that is forcing one to take unwanted or needed drugs. Let's hope that the police will learn to say, "No" to the biggest war on drugs America and the UK is facing at the moment...and that is the war on forced prescription medication.  

Warning: Your doctor may be hazardous to your health.

Support Maryanne's defense.

Watch a video here (from Mike Adams, Natural News):