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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

UFO Lights---Over Japan

It has been reported that strange lights appeared over the skies of Japan during the quake and its aftershocks. This footage was captured in Japan. There are no ready answers to these anomalies...some people insist it is HAARP others feel that there are "monitors" that are policing our skies somehow.

In one of these videos, the Sakurajima volcano, the commentator says that the lights in the sky are "stars". These are , in my opinion, extremely similar to the ships objects that the famous UFO investigator, Jaime Maussan has photographed over the skies of Mexico. The streaking lights are similar to the ships that one can find at the E-Ceti Ranch on Mt Adams in Washington. So, on these points, I differ with the conclusion of the person who posted this.

All in all....this is quite extraordinary footage. What are these huge lights? We can only sit and wonder for now.

Large Light:

Blue Light:

The Lights over Sakurajima Volcano: