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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lord Monckton's Campaign Faces Media Blackout

Lord Christopher Monckton
He is labeled a "kook" and  is controversial and outspoken. He has also been one of the most colorful detractors of global warming and its smoke-and-mirrors agenda.  But unlike most "kooks", Lord Christopher Monckton has a resume that is impeccable. And that includes working at 10 Downing Street as a scientific advisor to Margaret Thatcher. He is erudite, extremely well-versed in the issues that he champions and one would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could debate with more ease and substance. He is not a conspiracy theorist, nor a "9-11 truther", on that he is quite satisified with the official stories. He also believes that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were justified because he "saw" the dossiers of information (he says) on what was happening in those countries and how situations could escalate without intervention. I am guessing that Lord Monckton has never owned a pair of Birkenstocks or had ear candling done. The Cambridge-educated Monckton is hardly a fringe-dweller. Straightforward and down-to-earth and armed with the audacity to speak out against the EU and its choke hold on individual and national sovereignty, he is a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, the leadership in Scotland doesn't like what he has to say and they made it  quite evident recently.

Lord Monckton is running for MP in Scotland under UKIP, the only party that seeks the restoration of democracy and the end to EU domination of Great Britain.  And as he attempted to engage in a fair campaign he found that he faced  a media blackout. He has not been allowed to attend any of the leadership debates, nor has he been asked or allowed to speak on radio stations across Scotland. "They won't put me on the air," he remarked in a recent interview. He was able to attend one meeting in his district of Fife (where other members who were running against him were also present) but other than that the BBC, STV and other major news broadcasting networks are not giving him air time. On Tuesday night, when Lord Monckton appeared in the venue where other leaders of the different parties were going to speak to ask for his rightful place in the discussion, he was escorted out by security guards and not allowed to join the other candidates.

In an interview on the Alex Jones show on the eve of his election, Lord Monckton said that part of the problem was that the leadership running in Scotland were "all in agreement that Europe is wonderful, climate change is terrible and that therefore we need a world government to take charge of everything and push us around."  He was ensconced in a flat with a  view of Edinburgh Castle available to the media who were well aware of where he was, but no one came to call.  Lord Christopher Monckton is perceived as a threat to the European Unionistas. If he were indeed a "crazy man" he would have been invited to debate, you see. When "crazy" is crossing into acceptance, then things get too uneasy for the PTB's. Lord Monckton's hard-hitting rhetoric and his incisive facts are too much for most pro-global warming commandos.

Is this was the once freedom-loving Scots have been reduced to? Gagging a candidate simply because he refuses to tow the official line on the European Union and Al Gore's global warming?

Monckton concedes that there are greenhouse emissions,  but not at all to the large degree that is being "falsely" claimed by major organizations like the UN. He presents well-thought out and researched information.

Agree with him or not, Monckton has something to say that defies the establishment. And that does not make him a popular man. But popular or not, he deserved to be heard in those debates. And that's the point.