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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Milk Hill---Pretty Picture or Prophecy?

Crop circle season is upon us here in the valley of the White Horses in the West of England. And it is long been thought that these circles (some of which are man-made, some of which are unexplained) carry with them encoded messages. One of the most intriguing ones has been some of the ones that have appeared on "Milk Hill" a hill that is located in the Pewsey Vale and is noted for its complex formations year after year. There are people who come here from all over the world to walk in the fields, study, meditate and to attempt to make sense of the configurations that occur year after year. There are the organizations that attempt to discredit them saying they are made by "men with planks". However, while some are indeed man-made, when you see designs that are mathematical formulas and intricate designs that could not be formed overnight in fields that are monitored 24-7, then there must be another answer. Some people have stood beside the fields in daylight and just seen the crops "fold over" gently into designs with nothing (and no one present.)

In 2009, a formation appeared that showed the coming alignment of the planets on June 2, 2011 (which is in three weeks). It was a sequential crop circle in that it appeared as a simple diagram first and then appeared again with new information as if to point out that we should compare the difference between both.

First Circle: June 21, 2009 (depicting June 2, 2011)
The first one depicts the sky as we normally would see it if using a sextant. It depicts the planets and moon in a formation on a normal night.

The second formation two days later (above) shows the same planetary alignment along with a "rogue object" also in the photograph between  Venus and Mars. It has also been circled for emphasis.

The final photograph (above) is of the formation as it appeared on June 30, 2009. It now has a sort of "cuneiform" writing attached to it. This has not been translated, though similar cuneiform has been.

It is thought that the messages in the crop circles are letting us know that there is a rogue body in the solar system that will appear at around the time of the alignment of these planets.  The speculation as to what this object might be is wide open. A lot of people immediately point to Comet Elenin a comet that was named after the Russian who discovered it. JPL is calling it a "wimpy" comet, one that will not come close to the earth nor cause much of a disturbance. Is this true? Is there something else out there?  And is Elenin being thrown into the mix as a shield? Or is Elenin simply being downplayed to placate the masses?

There have been hundreds of photos taken of  a bright object in the sky by amateur photographers in the recent months. (These are not the sun and moon, by the way). Some skeptics have blamed them on "sun dogs" and others have said, "Why can't I see that from where I am?"  The truth is that not everyone on the earth has the same vantage point of the sky as everyone else. I cannot see all the constellations that an Australian would see and vice-versa.  Some call this "Planet X" and others call it simply a "comet" on its way into our solar neighborhood.  Here are a few photos:

Don't look for any official information on these. There won't be any. None of the national media is reporting on this, nor will they. If these are what they look like, and we are not being told, then we need to inform ourselves. If they are simply "sun dogs" or doctored photos (there are hundreds of these on the 'net) then people have a lot of free time on their hands.

As we see massive floodings, earthquakes and tectonic movement all over the globe intensify, can we blame it all on so-called "global warming"? Or is that just a blanket cover-up for something that is of greater significance that is happening? Namely that we are being pulled by an object that is coming close into our solar system? The same object that is causing the sun to also spew out magnificent and possible disruptive solar flares? Or could it be a mixture of man-made, solar activity and an unknown object? (My thought.)

What I can say is this, this is going to be a summer that we will not soon forget.  The truth is under all the lies, you just have to dig a little, keep your eyes on the sky...and keep your bug-out bag handy.

The whole story is yet to unfold.