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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pay No Attention To This Mother: Cindy Sheehan Speaks Her Truth

What do you do when you have a mother who knows her "stuff" inside and out and has lost her son to war and is tirelessly campaigning for truth? You try to keep her quiet and "pat-pat" her and steer her into the waters of safe media pablum. And in that process, make her out to be a bit unhinged. (That works every time, eh?)

In an interview on the American, "Dr Drew Show", Dr Drew Pinsky makes an attempt at sticking a "label" on her to undermine her very incisive and good points. He quickly manages to quiet her protestations and pushes this woman, who has single-handedly launched a campaign against war and for truth since the death of her son to be silent. She has has difficult questions about Bin Laden's capture which she posits but is simply left to speak about nothing of consequence.

Score one for media control. And the continuing attempted subjugation of strong women everywhere. In my opinion, Cindy Sheehan rocks.