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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Swiss Take on the Bilderbergers

Councillor Swiss People's Party Baettig Denied Entrance  
You have to hand it to the Swiss. They are still holding out and they are not going to be pushed around. Switzerland which is the geographical size of a postage stamp compared to the United States or Brazil has more moxie than their whimpering neighbors. While the bread line for handouts from Brussels snakes around the block for all the other European countries, Switzerland says, "No thanks, I'll take care of myself...but you leave me alone to rule myself, too. I don't want to be part of your EU club."  The Swiss have got it right.  Did the world hear about what the brave Swiss did? No, they did not.

The infamous Bilderberger Group long known to be a confab of the world's most elite and powerful Western leaders met in St Moritz, Switzerland this week as they do yearly in various venues across the world. This might seem harmless, except that the meeting is always extremely secretive and it is known that those that attend this meeting are largely responsible for setting the worldwide Western agenda for the coming year. The Euro (for example) was spawned at one of these meetings. If you want to know who the next President of the United States is going to be, check to see if your candidate has attended Bilderberg. A Bilderberger attendee will most certainly be the one that is put forward. As someone once said, "You elect your US President, but you don't select him." The Bilderbergers are named after the hotel in which they first convened in 1954 (Hotel de Bilderberger in Netherlands). It is comprised of mostly Western leaders, no "third-world" countries are invited to participate as it was originally founded after WWII to promote "Atlanticism" that is, the fostering of good relations between the United States and Western European countries. Approximately 120 to 140 people attend yearly. The roster of attendees as well as what is discussed remains under the radar thereby prompting even more speculation as to what is discussed.

In a courageous move that went largely unreported in the world press, the Swiss People's Party representative, Dominique Baettig wrote a letter to the General Prosecutor of the Swiss Federation. In this letter, he asked that if Henry Kissinger attended the 2011 Bilderberg Group meeting in Switzerland that he should be arrested on war crimes. Kissinger who was a National Security Advisor and later served as Secretary of State under President Nixon and Ford stands accused of having been complicit in a number of war crimes in Indochina, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus and East Timor.  Many human rights activists have called for his arrest under the Geneva Conventions Act, but they have not been successful.

Furthermore, Baettig believed that the Bilderberg Group had no right to be convening in Switzerland to secretly discuss the future of his country without allowing any Swiss citizens to be privy to what was being discussed. Before you dismiss Baettig as some out-of-the-loop crank politician, it's important to note that he is the equvalent of a Congressman/MP of the most popular and largest party in Switzerland. He attempted to enter the Hotel Suvretta Hotel to voice his objections to this secret meeting, but he was stopped and was told to turn back. He plans to continue his quest to stop this sort of meetings in his country ever again. It is interesting that the Bilderbergers continue to meet in Switzerland, a country that is opposed vehemently to the agenda that they promote. Switzerland declared itself neutral 400 years ago and has remained so despite the bitter fighting that has ensued in its surrounding countries.

The Italian ministry also launched an inquiry when Mario Borghezi an MP for Italy attempted to enter the Hotel Suvretta House during the Bilderberger meeting in St Moritz. He showed his deputy card, but he was forbidden entrance. Some reports even say that he was roughed up and his nose was broken. He was taken to the police station, detained and forbidden to return to the site until after the group meeting. Borghezi plans to bring legal charges regarding this incident.

Here is Dominique Baettig's interview while the Bilderbergers were meeting in Switzerland. In it, you can view the true spirit of Switzerland, it's desire to remain sovereign and free....please view it and be inspired. (Courtesy of Infowars.com)