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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Al Has Lost his Big Blue Marbles

What happened to this once outstanding statesman? What happened to the man that I supported for President? What happened to the man who loved his gorgeous wife and was the poster boy for happy families? Since when did: "I won the Nobel Prize, can I buy you a drink?" become a great pick-up line? It looks like excess carb footprints have impeded his thinking of late...apparently there have been too many Krispy Kremes and not enough protein in his system. He's packed off to fun and sun in his multi-million dollar bachelor pad in Santa Barbara while he rest of the planet is tanking. Oh, what a great gig it is to tout the dangers of global warming and espouse it from the comforts of a relative castle on the beach while travelling in your private (carbon-heavy) jet.

In a recent interview, Mr Gore, stated that, "One day, climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists."  Notice that he now calls it "climate change" not "global warming". What else is a man who sold us a bill of goods going to do to save face?  What Gore is basically saying is that if the whole population doesn't get on the bandwagon and blame all of climate change on human consumption, then they will be labelled "racist."  Never mind that most scientists cannot quite agree on one theory of  what is causing the extreme weather changes.  Do we have climate change? Yes, we do. Is it all caused by my Uncle Morty driving his ancient Chevy Impala to work every day? Partially, but not fully. And to absolutely discount the possible other causes, is sophomoric. Evidence has been presented that there are numerous underwater volcanoes caused by tectonic movements,  the solar activity that is increasing yet again and of course, no one is talking about HAARP.  Why? Why are we ignoring these glaring issues? He has to continue along this tack, because he has to steer the conversation away from the weather wars that are being waged on the planet. Why doesn't he want to discuss the weather wars?

Are we not living in a free society? Are we not allowed to form our own opinions? Since when did we begin to live in a totalitarian society where any dissension is labeled bigotry? We cheer the recent uprisings in the Middle East where they are fighting for freedom of expression, and yet, in our country we are not allowed to speak freely and disgree with our government because those in disagreement will be branded as xenophobes.

Has Mr Gore ever been the victim of racism? Most likely not. My father was a victim of racism when he was attempting to forge a college education in the 50's. His nut-brown skin certainly didn't allow him to blend into university life very easily. He told me tales that aren't worth repeating. How stupid do you think the public is, sir? Calling the race card on climate change? You do a great disservice to the actual people who have been victims of all-and-out racism. Shame on you.

If anyone ever calls my bum big again, I am calling them racist. Why? Because I said so. "Racism" is apparently the new word for anything that doesn't agree with one's point of view.  And if my bum is causing global warming, then no doubt, Mr Gore will want to put a tacky wind turbine on it to power up my electric kettle because that's about all the energy most wind turbines generate. Expensive, ugly turbines that are set to blight the bucolic countryside on this beautiful island to generate a few milliscules of energy. Let's not even discuss free energy...oh, nooooo...not when Mr Gore is dining with the boards of every major utility corporation in the world. Is Mr Gore really for clean energy? We have the clean technology. Technology that makes wind turbines look like the crank telephones that  Sheriff Andy used on Mayberry. Why aren't we talking about free energy? One can't sell free energy, can one, Mr Gore? And it can't be taxed either.  Don't think free energy is feasible? Listen to what my friend had to say about this: Click here

I believe in climate change...but I don't believe Al Gore. Not anymore. He has, at this point, crossed into the territory of Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Boulevard"...waiting for the sound bite to propel him into stardom, yet again. I'm not buying it. Neither is the public.