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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Can This Be a Possible Cure for Alzheimer's?

There isn't one person I know whose family has not been touched by Alzheimer's or dementia. Whether it is a parent or a relative, Alzheimer's has affected millions. One of my best friends acted as a nurse for years as he watched his vibrant, elegant mother decline.  They say there is no cure. But Dr Bruce Fife (author of Stop Alzheimer's Now!) begs to differ and his story about Dr Mary Newport, an MD whose husband's condition was reversed with the ketones in coconut oil is very inspiring.

Dr Bruce Fife writes:

Mary Newport, MD proved that coconut oil alone or in combination with MCT oil can effectively stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease and reverse the symptoms. Her husband Steve, suffered from the disease for nearly six years before he began taking coconut oil. The results were immediate and dramatic. Prior to taking coconut oil he was starting to enter the severe stages of Alzheimer's.
He could no longer take care of himself. He required supervision to complete many day-to-day activities such as replacing a light bulb, vacuuming, doing a load of laundry, washing dishes, and dressing appropriately. He was easily distracted when attempting such tasks, and never got around to completing them. He was no longer able to use a computer keyboard or calculate or perform basic arithmetic. He often wore just one sock or shoe and misplaced the others. He was unable to read because words seemed to move about the page erratically, he had difficulty spelling simple words, such as "out" and "put" and had trouble recalling many common words when speaking. He also had physical difficulties as well, including a moderate hand tremor that interfered with eating and a jaw tremor that was most apparent while speaking. He walked slowly with an abnormal gait which involved pulling each foot up higher than usual with each step. An MRI showed significant loss of brain mass particularly in the areas involved in memory and cognitive abilities. Drugs such as Aricept, Namenda, and Exelon proved to be of no help.
His memory has improved dramatically. He can recall events that happened days or weeks earlier and relays telephone conversations accurately. He is more focused when performing tasks and is able to complete household and gardening chores with minimal to no supervision. He now wears both shoes and socks and keeps the pairs of shoes together. His ability to initiate and continue a conversation has improved and his sense of humor has returned. He has regained his ability to read and the ability to type. His facial tremor is gone with minimal to no hand tremor. He walks with a normal gait and can run for the first time in more than a year.
He has improved so significantly that he now volunteers twice a week at the hospital where his wife works, helping in the warehouse and delivering supplies. He is pleased with his job and enjoys the people with whom he works. He continues to improve. With a smile on his face he exclaims "I've got my life back." ((Read Dr Newport's full story and learn about her research here.)

The coconut oil must be non-hydrogenated and as pure as possible. Please read the above links for further information.

Sometimes, Big Pharma doesn't have all the answers. At some point, maybe people will understand that.