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Saturday, 17 September 2011

London Banksters: I'll Have the Coq Au Vin and a Side of Cocaine, Please

Apparently, while the world is facing this grave economic crisis and so many people around the world are going to bed hungry, in the area called "The Square Mile" in London (the financial district), business is booming. It isn't just gastronomical delights that have lured the many bankers to spend their money lavishly. It's cocaine.

A London banker,who is a recovering addict, blew the lid off a practice that has been burgeoning especially since the economy took a nosedive. Certain restaurants are known suppliers of cocaine and they manage not only to supply the drug, but to do it so that it is written off as an "expense".  How do they do it?

The patrons simply ask for a certain vintage wine that isn't found printed on the menu. This alerts the staff that cocaine is being ordered. The restaurant then signs the "wine" off as an expense.

Nice, eh? Bank bailout money trickling down to pay for cocaine.

What a "let them eat cake"scenario.

Or is it a "let them do coke" moment?

Either way, it's disturbing and not at all surprising, unfortunately.