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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Neil Hamilton Wants to Restore Some Balls While He Sets the Record Straight

In a very candid interview in the latest installment of UKIP's @Large with Nigel Farage, former MP and lifelong Conservative Party member, Neil Hamilton declares "I'm out and proud" (in regards to his UKIP affiliation) and has tossed his hat in the ring to run for UKIP National Executive. Hamilton was to be the keynote speaker at the UKIP Conference in Eastbourne. He says he "wants to restore Parliamentary democracy" because "we have a Parliamentary of eunuchs and I want to restore their balls to them". (I am assuming it's not Ed Balls he means, which is another matter entirely.) Recently, a lot of rumors about Hamilton's chequered past have surfaced and he was quick to set the record straight:

"I am not Jonathan Aitken, not Jeffrey Archer, I'm Neil Hamilton. I have never been convicted of any criminal offense. And I have never been to prison. I was once accused of taking cash for questions by Mohammed Fayed, the former owner of Harrod's. I deny and denied those allegations. I have been investigated by the Inland Revenue's top fraud-busting accountants...in a three year investigation of ten separate tax years and I came out absolutely squeaky-clean not having had any illicit payments and didn't owe them any tax. Not only that, they looked over my expenses claims as an MP and every single one was regarded as legitimate. I don't think there were many in the House who could claim that."

No, Mr Hamilton, there are not many members of Parliament who could claim that. However, I hope you are up to the task of your great restoration project. Like many of the grand manor houses in England that are now in grave disrepair, it may take you quite a bit of scaffolding, plastering and lots of heavy lifting.