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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

American Found Dead on Island Near Buckingham Palace

Of course it was an American

News reports surfaced today that a dead body was found on an island about 100 yards away from Buckingham Palace. An inquest revealed that the body was that of an American and was estimated to have been dead for approximately three years. Apparently, Robert Moore, 69 years old had set up a castaway camp on one end of St James' Park within easy view of the Palace. The tiny island had apparently been occupied by the American "loner" since his arrival to the UK in 2007.  Despite the fact that millions of tourists pass by the island every year, his presence remained undiscovered.  It was a worker who found the skeletal remains on March 15 (though the story was not reported until this week.)

Mr Moore was considered to be "obsessed" by the Queen and sent hundreds of "strange and offensive" packages to her including some obscene photographs (it isn't said if they were of him or someone else.) He also sent her rambling letters, one of them was 600 pages long. He had a fixation with the Royals and he had a great vantage point from West Island which has a clear view of the Queen's residence. According to coroner reports, he must have lived about a year or two on the island before dying in view of the Palace.

It isn't surprising that it was an American who took up residence on a tiny island to simply be near the Queen. Americans are ridiculously crazy about the Royal family. No Brit in his or her right mind (or left mind for that matter), even those that adore the Royals would ever do something that obsessive or embarrassing. The only thing that the Brits obsess about is football. Everything else is just insignificant.

No wonder we have the reputation we do on this side of the pond. Events like this make it harder for we ex-pat Americans to live peaceful and quiet lives...minding our own business and being simply barmy rather than being labeled downright madder than hatters.


West Island Where American Lived (Photo courtesy Daily Mail)