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Thursday, 6 October 2011

David Cameron Cries for "Bulldog Spirit" with some "Bull" of his Own

Give me a break. David Cameron, speaking at the Conservative Party conference urged Britain to shun "can't-do sogginess" and instead find that "bulldog spirit" so indicative of the old British ways. Really?
What about your "can't do sogginess" on the issue of the EU referendum, Mr Cameron? You have the audacity to call upon the British people  to find their fighting spirit when you sit there and watch British money dumped into the infinite black pit in Brussels?  Do you not understand that the indomitable "bulldog spirit" which led this country through two Great Wars was easy to find back then because the Brits were unified and possessed a proud self-determination and had a say in their government?  The future that shaped that so-called "bulldog spirit" was not entrusted to a group of strangers in Brussels. You can't have an economic turnaround (as you so called for Britain to do) when the economy is under the charge of some politicos who simply think of Great Britain as a statistical graph and a big deep pocket for the rest of Europe. And may I say, Mr Cameron, that pocket is shrinking just as quickly as your support.

While it looks like a referendum debate is finally on the horizon, Mr Cameron, in a move that made Nijinsky look like an amateur disco king, danced his way out of his promise of a referendum.  So much for the great rhetoric he served us up on a platter during the election, right?

MPs are set to debate whether British citizens will be given a chance to decide whether to remain in the EU or not. And the vote is to be held in the House of Commons before Christmas. No vote has been taken on this issue since the 1975 referendum which pushed Great Britain into the Common Market.

Growing opposition to the European Union in Britain, along with the collapsing Euro is hammering the point home. There must be a referendum. At this point, with the economy on its knees, it has become a moral issue.  One hundred thousand signatures on a petition calling for a referendum was given to a group of MPs who have been given the task of  making sure that this issue is not ignored.

There is to be a one-day debate on a referendum after Parliament returns next week. It was a Labour MP who stated it clearly: "The EU today is completely different from the one the British people voted to join in 1975...it is time MPs openly debated (the issue) too."  William Hague, the Foreign Secretary said that the current government would not stand for a public vote...and went on to say that: "Our place is in the European Union."

And Cameron, after promising over and over that a referendum would be on his agenda, (especially during his election campaign) made it now clear stating that he would not support a referendum. "I don't want Britain to leave the EU... I think it's the wrong answer for Britain. People in rooms up and down Britain aren't thinking, gosh, if only we could have a treaty change in Europe. They are thinking, get the economy moving, get jobs going in this economy. That's what my leadership's about..." 

All up and down Britain you say? When did you last hang out in rooms up and down Britain with people who can actually think for themselves and know that Great Britain is being stolen out under them?   Do you think people are so vapid they can't figure out that millions of pounds are being sent to Brussels daily to prop up a tanking Euro? British monies that can be better spent in helping people here who are struggling to make ends meet?

Your first mistake was to believe that an election promise would not be remembered. Your second mistake is to believe that the British people are all "sheeple" that you can appease with a few empty words and the hope that they will be too busy watching "Coronation Street" to give  a damn that their country is being pilfered. When the Labour government is also speaking for a possible referendum, then you know there is going to be a rumble, so get your dragster ready, Dave.

Your underestimation of the people you serve will not serve you anymore. The country voted for a man of courage and a man to make a stand for freedom. That's why you were elected.
 But apparently, that man is no where to be found.