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Monday, 10 October 2011

Let Them Have Diamonds In Their Knickers!

How is it that Wall Street is being occupied by people who think that the wealth of nations is being squandered mindlessly and yet a company in the UK is busy launching a pair of ivory silk underwear that is imbedded with a diamond and touting it as a "great investment"?  Oh, isn't life...well, mad?

The knickers which are retailing for £232 and come with a detachable diamond are being advertised as "the ideal way to look after your money in these troubled financial times". Apparently, this is because diamonds have increased 27 percent in value over the past year. They are set to be sold at Selfridge's beginning in November. (Oh! Just in time for Christmas!)

The Wall Street Occupiers Nightmare Knickers
A spokesman at Selfridge's said: "As people look to source alternative forms of investment, the knickers form a practical as well as indulgent solution....(and) alongside gold are seen as one of the most reliable forms of investment in the current climate." An alternative source of investment? Not the gold standard anymore but the the "knicker standard"?

I'll have to put those alongside my Berkey Water Filter, my portable solar panels, my storable food and my snowshoes.  A girl can't survive earth changes without a pair of diamond ivory silk studded knickers, eh? It's a must have. (Not.) 

These aren't even attractive knickers. I could have spent a whopping ten pounds sewing a massive cubic zirconia into a pair of  "Hanes Her Way" big-time knickers and made something memorable (like the Titanic, no doubt.) And besides, who wants to worry about being mugged...for their panties?!

I was wondering if the diamonds that are embedded in the knickers get bigger with each increase in size? In which case, someone better call Lloyd's of London to insure mine.