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Friday, 21 October 2011

Mutiny on Downing Street--The Two Party Leaders Oppose The People

Cameron and Miliband: United Against the Will of the People
The rumblings of a possible mutiny of the backbenchers in the Tory Party over an EU referendum have fuelled the hopes of those that want to see the British people have the opportunity to actually vote to leave the European Union. The historic debate is set for this Monday, October 24th. The debate will culminate in a vote to simply decide whether to entertain a referendum in the future. It's not the best we could hope for, but it is much more than we had a few weeks ago.

The Prime Minister is said to be in a panic as he scrambles to pen some sort of plan to appease as many Conservatives who signed up to a Commons motion which is supporting an EU referendum. Several of Camerons aides are saying outright that they are ready to quit completely.

Cameron, who promised to give the British people a referendum during his campaign, backed out and started waltzing with the Brussels bureaucrats in the past months. However, the rise in Euroscepticism and the tanking of the Euro as well as the massive bailouts that are looming for the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) is making its mark on the British mind. No one wants to have to pay for bailouts for other countries when the economy is hard-hit  here at home.

It isn't just the Tories (Conservative Party) that are being subjected to some shaking up. The Labour Party under Ed Miliband is also facing some opposing views. Both Miliband and Cameron are set to be imposing three-line whips and members of their respective parties are balking at such stringent measures. What is really upsetting members of both parties is that the public has presented a petition to the government that they want a referendum and both leaders are ignoring and wanting to block it. It is believed that 30 members of Miliband's party will oppose his directive to vote against the proposal for an EU referendum.

Cameron brought back the debate (which was to be scheduled for next Thursday) to Monday which upset a lot of Cabinet members who felt that he was trying to stave off the possible rebellion. It also upset the referendum campaign group "The People's Pledge" who had planned  a huge rally at Parliament next Thursday. (They have rescheduled it for 2:30 this Monday, October 24th at the House of Commons.) Cameron had called an emergency meeting in Downing Street this past Monday to give the new/junior frontbenchers a good thrashing on why they had to vote against the EU proposal for a referendum. But it backfired, when he learned that a number of them were prepared to simply quit. They are being loyal to their constituents who are calling for a referendum and not voting the Party line.

Senior backbencher, Mark Pritchard, of the Tories stated that: "There is now a three-line whip from the Government on the Conservative benches, a three-line whip on the Liberal Democrats and a three line whip for the Labour benches. Is it any surprise that the British public are increasingly frustrated that this place is more out of touch than ever on the European Union?"

There is hope on the horizon. It's time to put our MPs feet to the fire.