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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Woes of Mr Whippy

A Mr Whippy van--a vanishing neighborhood icon?
Next summer, you may realize that something very traditional is  missing from the British neighborhood. European regulations are set to  make the happy (or annoying, if  you are like Dennis the Menace's Mr. Wilson) sounds of the summer ice cream van a thing of the past.

The stringent and challenging regulations passed by the EU are set to go into effect this January (2012) and may make the small business ice cream truck go the way of the dinosaur. Owners of ice cream vans must comply with very expensive emission modifications and/or buy totally new vehicles. If they don't they will face huge fines or end up being shut out of business entirely.

Jose Manuel Barroso, who appears not to be a stranger to Spain's equivalent of  "Mr Whippy", weighed in with a half-baked opinion on the fact that a lot of "red tape" was strangling small businesses in the European Union. Derek Clark MP from the East Midlands said that "it would be a crying shame to lose yet another British institution because of  EU meddling and interference. Ice cream companies are already being hit by expensive trade licenses and insurances, supermarket competition, plus the rise in food and petrol prices."

Yet another reason, we must call for a referendum on the EU and probably the most important one....

We must save Mr Whippy!  :)