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Friday, 11 November 2011

2012: The End is Near...Sort Of

Last week, my darling (he really is) youngest brother, whose idea of "doomsday" is finding out that the local convenience store ran out of iced slush on the hottest day of the year, surprised me. He quietly asked: "You know all this stuff about 2012? Do you think something bad is going to happen?" I was taken aback. It was then that I realized that "2012-as-Doomsday-Year" had really entered mass consciousness. I have followed this idea of the Mayan calendar and 2012 being the end of time for years. I studied the "Dreamspell" when Jose Arguelles first devised it. I spent hours on Mount Shasta, Glastonbury and Sedona drumming and doing sweat lodges and talking far into the night with self-proclaimed mystics. I've read more books and listened to more interviews than is humanly possible on this subject. I did it not out of fear, but because I am more curious than the average person. Enquiring minds want to know. But I've been reading and listening and waiting for 2012 going on  three decades. So, I didn't pick up a book right after I saw John Cusack running for his life in a movie. I am a long time researcher of this upcoming (non) event. The idea of 2012 and its implications (real or imagined), for me, has not been a great surprise nor has it frightened me or made me head for the hills. On a good day, it made for great dinner conversation. On a bad day, I put extra canned peas into my grocery trolley. Of course, I was never sure how cans of peas could protect me from solar flares or Nibiru. Am I supposed to wear them as armour? Someone please let me know.

What will happen in 2012? What should we expect? Will a comet or Planet X fall on our heads? Will Atlantis emerge from the dark waters off Bimini? And will Richard Branson put a holiday theme park on it?

2012 will be a watershed year. No, the world will not meet a dire physical calamity though flogging the idea of 2012 as apocalyptic is big business. However, I think it is the end of the world as we know it now. All the banksters, the fraudulent corporations, crime bosses and people who have made a living feeding off the energy of the less fortunate will begin to feel their knees wobble. Keeping secrets will no longer be possible. (Take heed, you lying cheating husbands...the gig is up.)  This is a year of great reckoning for the raconteur. So, while the powerful have made billions by defrauding the little guy...the end is near. The end is near for everything that is not in integrity. Everything hidden will be exposed. All that seemed to be perfect will unravel. Holding on to what seemed solid will only make it crumble underneath you. 2012 will usher in a time of upheaval both spiritually and politically. And it will be a few decades before we are able to come back into a semblance of normality. And, no, it will not happen on December 21st 2012 as predicted by soothsayers and spin doctors. It will painfully roll out in the next ensuing years.

So, don't put away your rosary beads, yet. Hang on to your hats. 2012 may not be the oft touted apocaylpse but it will be the gateway into a cleansing of the planetary forces that keep it enslaved.
It will get worse until it will get better.Yes, I know. Big changes coming but not in the way that has been predicted.

And John Cusack, if you read this come find me.It isn't that I am not a courageous dame.And I know Lloyd Dobler was just a character in a movie.  But while the world shakes, I want to be with you. I figure discussing deeper issues with someone who is committed to making the world a better place is really good company. Oh, and bring the boombox. It wouldn't hurt to pretend to be nuts about me too. Now, that's an end of the world scenario to look foward to.