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Friday, 8 May 2015

Cameron Stuns and Wins A Clear Majority (At Last!)

Oh, it is nice to wake up to good news!

As you may have read, I went to bed in the wee a.m. fearing the worst. Nicola Sturgeon  was threatening to take Ed Miliband in hand  to "lock out" Cameron from Westminster if necessary---so heady was she from the astonishing trouncing that the SNP delivered in Scotland. The exit polls were not showing a clear majority. It looked grim when I turned in.

What was not seen in those exit polls was that the Lib Dem seats were falling just as fast as Labour in Scotland and they were going Conservative. Even the veteran Lib Dem Vince Cable thought to be a veritable "shoo-in" lost his seat to a Conservative. In another shocking defeat, Ed Balls the Shadow Government Chancellor, lost his seat to a Tory as well. There were Tory gains in seats that belonged to both Labour and the Lib Dems. This is what changed the results in the final count. No pundits predicted that the Lib Dems would lose so many once secure seats. Even UKIP had a strong showing winning more votes than either the Liberal Democrats or the SNP. It was a veritable free-for-all election. But in the end, the choice was clear: most Britons wanted to continue the rebuilding of the nation after the disastrous Labour government of before. We are a nation in recovery and the Tories have laid out a strong plan to keep us there. The people have spoken.

We have kept our Prime Minister and the Conservatives/Tories have a very clear majority, finally. No coalition anymore. A clear and present majority. 

At least, on paper, it looks smashing.
But there is still the problem looming north of Gretna Green.

Cameron will have little time  to rest as he is facing a bigger challenge than Ed Miliband and that is Nicola, Queen of Scots, who is ready to invade Westminster with her yellow troops in tow. The SNP won 56 of 59 votes humiliating Labour in Scotland. It was an unforeseen and unprecedented victory. Sturgeon was quite strident in her demands last night and she is a Scottish gale force to be reckoned with. More than that, she is very much in the E.U. encampment. (This has never made sense to me. The SNP wants to gain independence to then be enslaved by the E.U. But that is for another day.)

So the state of the Union is still in question. What will the SNP demand? Will Cameron have the stamina to keep us together as a United Kingdom with Scotland still in it?

It has been a clear and present victory but no one is breathing easy.
Not quite yet.

But we can all go have a cup of tea before we face the next round.

Well done, Dave.