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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Let's Leave That UKIP Guy Off the Ballot, Shall We?

Election Day is young and there is trouble afoot already in Darlington Council. The name of David Hodgson (a candidate for MP for UKIP) was conveniently "left off" the ballot. That is correct. Ninety ballots were distributed to voters before the "error" was spotted in the Harrowgate Hill Ward of Darlington Council. It is reported that his name may have been omitted off other ballots in the constituency. Never mind that he was a viable candidate campaigning for weeks. Never mind that this may be a wee obstruction of justice. Had this been a Labour or Conservative candidate, the news media would be all over it and the local election would be cancelled and rescheduled. But because it is the Purple Party of the Personas Non-Gratas, no one blinked. Darlington Council could not even be bothered to issue an apology.

This isn't about UKIP or what it stands or does not stand for. It is a bigger issue than that. This is wrong. Any person who files and runs a campaign for MP deserves to have his name on the ballot. That is democracy in action. This is not a hanging chad, it is more a hanging Dad as he never even made it on to the paper ballot. It doesn't matter if the candidate insists on wearing a tinfoil hat and campaigning under the banner of the "Galactic Federation Party". His or her name should be on that ballot even if it is in Vulcan. This sort of shenanigans is something I would expect to see in some banana republic at the edge of nowhere, not in Great Britain. Perhaps we should have had Jimmy Carter monitoring ballots as he does in third world countries. Or actually, perhaps we should have had him at the printer's checking the proofs. An honest mistake? I think not. Shame on you, Darlington Council.